Monday, 2 September 2013

Do You Wonder"Am I A Good Man?" Ask this woman for approval today!

I often say Feminism is misandrist; among other things, it despises male sexuality.
Here's an example from The Good Men Project, a site dedicated to domesticating men everywhere.

So, how can we all work together to change our collective impression of male sexuality as something that is dangerous and disgusting? Besides the obvious—understanding male privilege, dismantling of patriarchal mythology and ending rape culture?"

The thing that staggers me about this is how patronising - or should I say matronising? it is. Male privilege, patriarchy, and rape culture don't exist in the West... they are, indeed, myths. There's no roaming gangs of rapists getting the wink to do their deeds from dudebros except in the imagination of Feminazis. There are countries like that in Africa and other places of extreme civil disorder. The sort of places where they practice cannibalism, human sacrifice and so on.

So she feels disgust, and assumes all other women do, because of myths. In her mind, a man can order her to make him a sandwich, and she must comply, because of his fearsome 'privilege'! Oh wait... he can't.

Men don't get any special privileges at all. if anything, legally, since they are always regarded as violent, dangerous sexual predators, they are much worse off than women. It's women who have the choice as to whether or not to destroy their partners through rape allegations or domestic abuse.

So maybe men are the ones who should be disgusted at female sexuality, which seems to be a bit like biting into an apple and hoping there's no razor blades... this time?

As for patriarchy, pfft. If men were dominant.. and by that i mean in the same way white people were dominant in south africa during apartheid.. then they would have no problems having their own spaces. Yet whenever something exists for males, a woman can, at a whim, claim it for her sex.. the boy scouts, swimming clubs, whatever she desires.

Can males do that? Oh right.. they can't. The girl guides remain female only, the female swimming clubs are protected, and so on. Women get special rooms at universities, special days, magnitudes more money on problems like breast cancer, and so forth.

"1. Be an ally. "

It's important to remember men can't be Feminists. They can aspire to be 'allies'. A bit like how the Nazis viewed the Italian Fascists; not really quite as good as the real people, but better than the rest of the subhuman scum.

"2. Ask women what they want, and listen to what they tell you"

Try not to be assertive, ducks, there's no point. Be passive. Be a doormat. Women just love jellyfish. It's not like they'll look at some arrogant bastard and leave you and your sopping wet ways to watch you roar off on a Harley, because women never ever do that. Because sexuality is civilised and decent and mild, and it listens to reason and nods humbly.

Brillllliant advice, that is.

"3. Let us in, don’t lure us in. Lay off the cologne"

What the hell? Women don't lure their mates in? Only women may use scents; men are forbidden? Wow, talk about a petty dictum.

"4. Don’t take it personally. "

To quote Monty Python, how much more personal can you get? A man has rejected and she has the hide to tell them to stifle their feelings.

"5. And lastly,know that your body is beautiful."

Gush! I have been validated! My life is complete! Of course, this is bullshit. Women do not sit about raving about how gorgeous men are, it's pretty damn one-sided. And at best, it's only a few men who will ever achieve 'studliness'.. the rest of us will make do with overweight exhausted bodies, vehicles for doing work with rather than some gorgeous display home. We make do.

So Ms Royse, I'm sure some broken men will be grateful for your mouldy scraps of 'alliance', but for the rest of us, if you view us as disgusting, bugger off. We don't need you. Fortunately, there are plenty of women who appreciate us as equals, and *like* our sexuality as it is, wild, scary, and selfish, and a heck of a lot of fun. Just like a woman's... who knew?

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