Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Feminists believe men are unnecessary for reproduction?

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They claim research has succeeded in proving female-female reproduction is just as good. They are typically lax on providing references, so I dug around and found they are probably thinking of this

"Saitou and Hayashi have found that the offspring generated by their technique usually seem to be healthy and fertile, but the PGCs themselves are often not completely 'normal'.

For example, the second-generation PGCs often produce eggs that are fragile, misshapen and sometimes dislodged from the complex of cells that supports them.

When fertilized, the eggs often divide into cells with three sets of chromosomes rather than the normal two, and the rate at which the artificial PGCs successfully produce offspring is only one-third of the rate for normal in vitro fertilization (IVF). Yi Zhang, who studies epigenetics at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, and who has been using Saitou's method, has also found that in vitro PGCs do not erase their previous epigenetic programming as well as naturally occurring PGCs. “We have to be aware that these are PGC-like cells and not PGCs,” he says."

So this is after *one* generation. Generational errors accumulate. Some feminists plan to do this over and over and over... the result will be a freaking nightmare. If they had their way, this would be the only method of reproduction - and humanity would become extinct.

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