Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Nonconsensual Sexualization of the Sexual Sexosystemssssss

“Let’s say a woman is trying to be seductive. What the hell makes you think you’re the one she’s trying to seduce? And if you aren’t, what the hell makes you think you have any right to shove yourself into her business?

Your thoughts are your own: you are free to notice her, think about her, fantasize, etc.–you are not free to involve her, through actions or words that disclose what’s going on in your pants, unless she specifically consents and makes it clear.

It astonishes me to no end that men have a problem with this. A lot of guys wouldn’t appreciate being hit on by someone they’re not interested in–but they expect women to accept it.”
— Nahida S.N., The Nonconsensual Sexualization of Unintending Young Women (via cyberteeth)
Let’s say every person in the world believes this. Let’s say one of those people, a woman, is trying to be seductive. None of the men or women around her can be sure who she’s trying to seduce, so none of them approach her.

Eventually she decides that she will just have to approach the man she’s trying to seduce. She does, and she starts to flirt with him.

He is outraged. “How dare you approach me?! Does it look like I’m trying to seduce you?! I’m just trying to have a beer with some friends!” He looks her up and down. “I might have been interested in you, if you hadn’t actually approached me and made it clear that your were interested in me! Get away from me you pervert!”

All of the man’s friends echo his sentiments, and a security guard, noticing the hubbub, swiftly removes the seductive woman from the premises. “If you’re going to incite disorderly behaviour with such inappropriate sexual innuendo, you’re not welcome here.”

All across the world men and women alike are having similar experiences to the seductive woman. Sex is extremely rare, but everybody wanks a lot while having fantasies about each other. Politicians are panicking because reproduction has all but ceased, and birth rates are plummeting. Eventually, the human race becomes extinct.

In the last moments of her life, the last human alive thinks to herself, probably in Chinese, “why did feminists have to be offended by ordinary human social interactions?”

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