Tuesday, 15 April 2014

HuffPost harridans find the hounding of rape victims hilarious - so long as they are male, of course.


Notice they can't bring themselves to say a woman raped a man. To the Feminist, this is a contradiction in terms. Women are rape victims, always; men are rapists; all of them.

And why do they focus on the appearance of the rapist? To make it incredible that any man could refuse her?

"She threatened him with a 4-inch blade as she undressed him, then demanded intercourse and oral sex, according to The Mirror. But when Stan wouldn't continue, she stabbed him six times. He managed to escape to her bathroom, where he called police."

Imagine the trauma this man went though as he tried not to go into shock, hoping he could get help before he bled out.

And how do people react? Why, they laugh at him, of course. Just look at the comments. And claim a man can't be raped. If you think I'm exaggerating, here is the evidence.

Imagine if the sexes were reversed, and a Brad Pitt wannabe raped a woman at knife point. Do you think the HuffPost feminists would think that hilarious?

"She was sentenced to five years but then it was suspended to four years because she had been impaired by high strength medication."


Again, can you imagine a man raping a woman and getting a suspended sentence, on the grounds that they were really, really high and couldn't be held responsible?


“His actions are worse than that of an animal. This is what happens when people consume drugs. They became inhuman,” he told a press conference at the state police headquarters here yesterday."

That's right; they are not only held to be responsible, they are held to be more responsible. Only women can claim to be helpless to control their own actions. They take drugs, it's not their fault - a man must have made them.

"She originally tried to claim she was the victim in the attack but a court rejected her claims."

Feminists often claim that no woman would make a false claim about rape. It's interesting that counter-evidence will never change their minds. Their beliefs are rigid; Feminism is a faith, just like any other, not a matter of reasoned thought.

Those dissenters within the ranks will keep silent, for fear of disapproval by the senior members. It does not do to criticise a Sister.

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