Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Problems with sims 3

I can't get past this missing text problem.. I thought it must be just for "Into the Future" and "University Life", but as you can see below, I still have a blank button despite uninstalling those two expansions.

I have tried checking all DVDs for scratches, uninstalling, reinstalling, running the repair function and even re-downloading "Into the Future" and "University Life" from the Origin Launcher.

Installing from DVD is terribly slow, and literally painful as I can't position the DVD drive in a place of easy access and moving to get to it is difficult due to my physical problems. I have 13 DVDs here..

It's putting me back in the bad old days of installing windows from stacks of floppy disks, only with a gazillion copy potection hurdles in the forms of codes to be typed (which again, i wish i had a text file of them to copy/paste, and wouldn't have to worry about if it was a direct download).

I wish I had created disk images originally and installed from there (assuming that wouldn't cause some copy protection issue), but I had no idea I'd need to at the time -EA had a great rep, and i had no problems with previous Sims games

- and again, it's gotten to the point where I just do not see the point in having the DVDs - a digital download is beginning to look more efficient, which, frankly, is bloody stupid.

When  I talked to Tech support, after a 50 min wait in the queue, i was advised to leave it for 4 days and try again, have a nice day, which I was unimpressed by (I'm pretty sure the agent was looking forward to fobbing me off onto someone else). I did manage to get the supervisor who said they'd escalate it to the devs, but who can say if
  1. they did so
  2. the devs will care, especially as Sims 4 is shipping and so what if someone can't play Sims 3?

Blank Button.

Is there supposed to be text at the bottom? This is a shot of the loading screen.

As you can see, the game has missing dialogue button text.

At least with traits I can work out what they should be by looking up the symbol on the internet

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