Friday, 27 June 2014

Selective Blindness and the Australian ABC.

 Say the ABC, as is it’s wont, has a report on domestic violence. If a male victim is ever mentioned, it’s referred to as a person abused by a partner. If a female victim, it’s a woman, if the victimiser is male, it’s maleness is then mentioned.

Point that out to a Feminist and at best they won’t see the problem. “Person covers male!”, they’ll claim, and yet you never see a “Minister for People’s Affairs” or equivalent, it will be a “Minister for Women’s Affairs”.. and there’ll be no “Men’s Affair’s” office holder, naturally.

Imagine if there was a branch. Upon it sat a green parrot, in clear view. You were talking to someone who claimed that there were no parrots in this suburb.

"But there! There’s a parrot!" you exclaim.

I don’t see any parrots. There are no parrots here.

Look, right in that tree! It’s green! You can’t miss it.

No, I have looked carefully, and not seen any blue parrots.

I said it was green! It’s right there!

I have checked the ground, and still no green parrots. There are no parrots at all, never, there never can be parrots.

And it’s true; if you clamp down your mind hard enough, you can never see that parrot.

That is the essence of Feminism. To have your eyes wide open, and still be blind.

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