Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Argument by dictionary

The Concise Oxford Dictionary

 Fifth Edition

 Feminism, n. Advocacy, extended recognition, of the claims of women. L. femina (woman) + -ISM.

 It's interesting that before Feminism became the dominant strain of intellectual thought, it was NOT defined as having anything to do with equality; it lobbied for women, why should it lobby for men, any more than a mining lobby lobbied for the rights of agricultural workers?

 Now Feminists use the argument that since the current dictionaries use a definition they like ("Feminism stands for equality!" ), that that is 'proof' that Feminism stands for equality, and we should ignore the megatons of books by Feminists on why men are inferior scum, to be exterminated when the revolution comes.

 Well, as George Orwell pointed out, totalitarian regimes control the people by controlling their thoughts, and they can do that if they control the language.

 Who controls the dictionaries of today?

 Why, Feminists do, of course. Consider what happened when the Feminist Prime Minister Julia Gillard misused the word 'misogyny'. It's meaning was changed in the Australian official dictionary to match her usage.

So Feminists write a dictionary which has a definition of Feminism as being cupcakes and rainbows. Are you against cupcakes and rainbows, citizen? Are you in need of a RE-EDUCATION?

We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia. See, it says it here.. how could this document lie?

They erase the past. They claim anyone who they admire was a Feminist before Feminism even existed. Then when it's convenient, they claim that known  Feminists weren't 'True' Feminists.

Despite the fact such people were recognised by their Feminist peers, had their works published in Feminist publishing houses, sold in Feminist bookstores and taught as Feminist literature in Feminist (Women's Studies) courses.

And before they jump in with "No TRUE Feminist",

The HONEST Definition of Feminism by brentcherry on DeviantArt

Discussion about 40 minutes in...

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