Friday, 1 August 2014

The Real Goals of Men’s Rights Activists

How come it’s quirky and funny when girls talk about pooping but gross when guys do? That’s sexism, man!
And I guess that’s the only problem they have.

The actual goals of Men’s Rights Activists:
  • Bring infant circumcision to an end, as it is genital mutilation.
  • Bring an end to the school system that is biased in favour of girls. (1-5)
  • Allow female rapists to be convicted, since they can presently only be charged with lesser charges if they forcefully envelope. (6)
  • Put an end to false rape accusations, put and end to the idea that accused = guilty, (7, 8) and bring to light that false rape accusations can ruin men’s lives permanently and indefinitely. Examples (9 -11)
  • Put an end to the idea that women are the “great majority” of rape victims. (12-14)
  • Put an end to the idea that women are the “great majority” of domestic violence victims. (22,23)
  • Put an end to the false wage gap. (15-21)
  • Put an end to debt slavery. (24)
  • Bring to light that men get longer sentences for the same crime (25) and that female sex offenders get shorter sentences than their male counterparts. (26)
  • Bring to light that men and boys are being trafficked as well. (27,28)
  • Bring to light the sexualization and objectification of men. (29,30)
  • Put an end to the idea that misandry and sexism towards men stems off of misogyny and sexism towards women. (31,32)
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You missed a few:
  • Stop forcing rape victims to pay for child support if his rapist decides to keep the child. (Even it it was statutory rape.) (1-4)
  • To not be portrayed as worthless, lazy, ect by the media. (15-19
  • Have male victims of domestic abuse be taken seriously. (7-10, 12-14, 17, 20)
  • Get more domestic abuse shelters for men, because currently most of them cater only toward women. (5-7)
  • Get more awareness of domestic abuse toward men, and to advocate against domestic violence. Period. No matter what gender it’s aimed at. (11-14, 17)
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I have one more, no source, but I believe it is a goal for some MRAs. Be able to break out of their gender role without consequences, in a way that women have been able to.

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