Thursday, 25 September 2014

Response to HuffPost Celebrities Rally Behind Emma Watson's Feminism Speech

" In Wake Of Nude Photo Threats"
None of which existed. It's no come out there never was a threat, and it might all have been a stunt paid for by Emma's agent. Yet people are still bashing on 4chan. No word on when the lynching is to occur. Hope they hang their strawman up, string 'im up real gooood!

"imagine a world where the reverse happened...women protecting men from women"

So they were dying at ten times the rate in work related accidents? Sounds great! Quotas for the mines and up the power lines? Conscription for women? Terrific! I think this is a wonderful idea.

Please, when are you implementing it?

".....Can you imagine if all the inequalities women face globally were flipped"

Terrible things happen outside the West, for both sexes. But Feminism has no power except in the West. So focussing on the West,



Right to shorter or no sentences. Women can claim immunity to rape charges in India and Israel, thanks to lobbying by Feminists. They have partial immunity (it's not recorded as rape) thanks o Mary P Koss.

Right to control reproduction.

-If a woman gets pregnant, she has many choices. She can choose to terminate the pregnancy, or to surrender the child with no repercussions, moral or financial. Men cannot.

-He will told by the judge that he shouldn't have had sex. In fact, he can be raped, and still made to pay. Even if he was a child. Made to pay for a child he'll have no rights to. Turned into living cash dispenser.

Right to freedom from conscription.

-Strangely, non-feminists countries have no problem with female conscription. It's almost as if Feminism fights for the benefit of women, rather than equality!

Right to freedom of from genital mutilation.

Right to freedom of speech.

-Women can say almost anything and get away with it, but if you sex reverse the misandric comments Feminists make, you'd be arrested. There are Feminists calling for the extermination of all men.

-How many men's rights activists do that? I don't say I want them to, but you women have no idea of how much freedom women get, especially from other women.

-Misandry is so normalised you can buy mugs over the internet boasting of how you will drink of the misery of men, and no-one blinks an eye at it. There's no feminist protests against misandry. It's normal. However, feminists gladly protest any recognition of feminist misandry.

-don't believe me?

" Anyway, its not about men protecting women.."

Yes, it is, read the website.

" it's about men changing their attitudes so women don't need protecting. "

A literally impossible task. Were men to cease to exist, women would still face violence. That's human nature. Anyone who has lived in an all female environment can tell you that. Lesbian relationships involve rape and domestic violence at the same rates as straight ones.

This is real feminism.

"What would this party look like? Well, for a start, no men would be allowed."

Oh yes, Feminism is about equality for men - NO MEN ALLOWED. No contradiction there.

Pushing a political party with an extremist agenda; one whose leader famously proclaimed all women who have sex with men to be gender traitors.

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