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Domestic violence awareness

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Considering the lack of resources for men and the abuse they get in even trying to use those resources, I’m all for raising awareness.

But the image text isn’t entirely accurate.

I’m assuming the 70% statistic comes from this - which says 50.3% of violence is nonreciprocal, and of that half, women are predominantly the aggressors (70.7%).

As for the actual percentage of victims, no one knows what it precisely is - only that there isn’t a significant gender gap when it comes to who’s the abuser and who’s the victim. Over 500 studies show it’s about 50/50. [1] [2] [3]
To dig a bit more into these statistics, because this is something I enjoy doing and it’s also an interesting way to examine how social expectations contrast with what actually plays out in reality, using the numbers above we can extrapolate that;

If 50.3% of domestic violence is nonreciprocal, and

70.7% of that shows women as the predominant aggressors, then

29.3% of nonreciprocal violence shows men as the predominant aggressors

49.7% of domestic violence is reciprocal.

And so the total ratio of violence is

Men are violent in 64.4379% of all domestic violence

Women are violent in 85.2621% of all domestic violence

Of course, the numbers don’t actually say anything with regards to instigation for just under half of the cases (the 49.7% reciprocal, that is), so we can’t really draw any conclusive ideas about “Who started it”. We can see, however, that in terms of domestic violence, women show slightly over 20% more likelihood of having been violent during a dispute than men. This really doesn’t add up with cultural expectations, especially ones such as those underpinning the Duluth Model.

Interestingly, the study also showed that “in relationships with reciprocal violence it was the men who were injured more often (25 percent of the time) than were women (20 percent of the time)”.


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