Friday, 3 October 2014

NOW seeks total domination of the Whitehouse

It's interesting to see how much control Feminist organisations have over the reins of power. No wonder H. Clinton looks to be taking the next Presidency. It's a done deal.

This is the same organisation which fights against men having access to their own children.

The same one that fought to imprison men who couldn't pay child support due to losing their job.

Once imprisoned, they could be punished until they could earn enough to support their ex-partner in the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed. Because prison is a great place for increasing one's earning power, doncha know?

They also endorsed , a bill that meant that any man who was a parent through a crime would lose paternity, but any woman would retain it.

Compare this to the case, which confirmed that women can rape anyone; even a child; and still be considered a fit and proper parent - to the point where they can claim damages FROM THEIR VICTIM.

Whenever Feminists tell you how much they are doing for men, ask them what they are doing against men. I have never found anything.

Then balance the harm they do against all the pretty words.

Feminism harms men, and seeks total control in order to reshape the world in it's image.

We must resist.

We will resist.

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