Monday, 12 January 2015

Ruby Hamad has no idea what science is, but wants it to apologise immediately.

"How to apologise for sexism: a scientific study"

Ruby Hamad

Ruby Hamad recently came to my attention for claiming that terrorism is the result of masculinity.

Apparently those muslim women who donate to terrorist causes like IS, and those muslim women who strap explosive belts to themselves, or fill a baby carriage with an IED, are just puppets of the Patriarchy, and can't be held responsible for anything they do, ever.

So it's hardly surprising that her grasp of science is about as good as her grasp of politics.

"given that the criticism was initiated by science writers Rose Eveleth and Ed Yong, I felt that it was both valid and worthwhile."

Wow. Two journalists possessed an opinion you liked. Gosh. Well, it has to be true, then, doesn't it? We'll just ignore all the dissenting views; two journos agreed with you; it's now Truth(TM).

"After all, who is better placed than those within the scientific community to discuss if and how such imagery affects women working in these fields?"

I dunno.

Women scientists maybe?


Instead feminist journos are her idea of experts - well they are the experts on the topic of HOW EVERY FUCKING THING IS ACTUALLY ABOUT GENDER POLITICS.

Landing a probe on a comet - yes, that is totally oppressing women everywhere. OPPRESHUNNNN!

Dr Matt Taylor, the European Space Agency's project scientist on the Comet 67P mission. <i>[photo: YouTube]</i> Dr Matt Taylor, the European Space Agency's project scientist on the Comet 67P mission. [photo: YouTube]

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) released a statement outlining its position on the feminist crapfest that is Shirtgate.

What is Shirtgate?

So let's look at what they said.

unacceptable abuse has been directed toward the critics, from criticism of “over-active feminism”

Whatttt? They say simple
criticism of “over-active feminism” is unacceptable abuse?

Islamist militants attacked French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo with exactly that worldview.

The cartoon features a member of ISIS about to behead Muhammed and calling him an infidel. The caption reads, 'If Muhammad were to return...' In response to criticism, the magazine's editor Charb told the Cairo Post, '(ISIS) has failed to understand the concepts of Islam to a point where they could consider the Muslim prophet an infidel.' (source)

This shows that Feminism now runs the AAS and similar institutes, and will decide what it's members can do or say. Yes, they no longer focus on stuff, like, I dunno, PUTTING FUCKING PROBES ON COMETS, and now on maintaining Feminist conformity.

" Clearly, Hirsi Ali was unaware that to numerous professional science organisations, the issue was anything but trivial."

'Numerous'. It's still a fucking handful. Nevertheless, thanks to cretins like Ruby, I can well imagine Science in the West becoming just another branch of the Feminist propaganda machine. What will happen then?

Well, see, the thing is:

Even if Feminism wins in the West, and fucks it to the core, all it will mean is that those countries which aren't feminist will out-compete those who are. This is already starting thanks to countries which favour pragmatism over ideology; while Feminists are demanding all businesses run by their ideology and not capitalism, 'Communist' china - the most capitalist country on this planet - is growing and growing, while the United States and other western nations fade - just like the British Empire.

Feminism is heroin for countries - it might make them feel good for a while, give them pretty delusions, and fantasies of power - but anyone not using it grows stronger while those who do get sicker.

So China, which Sciences like fuck and doesn't give a damn about whether the results fit Feminist Theory, will be building bases on fucking Mars, while feminists are still screaming about how phallocentric the rockets sent there are.

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