Sunday, 15 February 2015

But... how we possibly do anything... it's all soooo hard!

Response to

    "And since when do we have control over who gets appointed where?"

        The same way every other such movement does.

        You don’t appoint them to positions of power, such as in Ms. Magazine or NOW.

You are arguing you are helpless Damsel in Distress who have no power over who is appointed to organisations in power like Ms. Magazine and NOW?

Do you need a big strong man to come and save you?

"    it’s not like feminism is some company that can be like: “well you are fired now quit your job”"
    Yes. Ms. Magazine is a company. That is exactly what it is. What the fuck do you think happens to the editors of magazines if they start slagging off groups like Jews or Black people?
"I feel that jew-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them." — Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor.

If she'd said that, she'd be gone. No fucking question.

What she said was "I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act..."

And you have no problem with that. Your movement applauded her and others like her.

So either you are a liar - or so incapable that you shouldn't be trusted with anything sharper than a rubber ball.

        "Gee maybe the whole conference is run by people we actually dont want in the movement? and thus they invite people we dont want in the movement?"
    Or maybe it's run by the true feminists - the ones who you pretend don't exist whenever it's convenient to do so.
     "feminism has no actual control over people you do realise that right?"

Reality seems to argue otherwise. Feminist fought for women to be the sole 'natural' parent with the Tender Year Doctrine - and got that. They fought for the right to vote without the duty of military service (despite being offered it in WW1) - and got that.

They fought against gender neutral rape laws - that would have meant women were treated as equals with men - and got that.

They fought against domestic violence shelters for men in the UK - terrorising Erin Pizzey - and got that.

For such a 'helpless' Damsel, they seem to have an AWFUL lot of fucking power.

 "  we cant be like “you may not hire this person” cause like what were you gonna do if some random person told you not to hire someone who seems to be good for the job you have?"
    I dunno - what every other person who isn't a total hypocrite does? Protest. Boycott. Hold press conferences. Use social media to denounce them.

"    Like i said earlier ignore america, it’s not the western world that revolves around radfems it’s america, i can assure you such laws cant possibly be passed here."
Hahaha oh god you're serious. The Duluth Model is promoted world wide, exported from America by VAWA and other feminist groups. It holds that domestic violence is the fault of masculinity. A boy being throttled by their mother... is responsible for their own death. How fucking twisted is that. Feminism in a fucking nutshell.
Feminism is an international movement - it changes laws according to it's ideology, and every country in the West that is out of line gets stomped on. The recent changes to consent laws in Australia, for example, now mean that if a woman and a man share a glass of wine and have sex, the man can be accused and imprisoned for rape at her whim. She can shout YES every thirty seconds in front of a judge and jury during the whole process - and it doesn't matter.

Feminists, world-wide, decided that women should have the power to destroy men at their whim - and jurisdiction by jurisdiction, they are gaining that power.

While you sit about, whistling - "nothing i can do, I'm just a Damsel, teehee!"

Fuck that. Fuck that all to Hell.

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