Sunday, 22 February 2015

'Cracked' urges you to "Listen and Believe"!

"Note: To save space, instead of typing 'antifeminist', I'm just going to use 'asshole.'"

It's always important to vilify anyone who might disagree with you, isn't it?

"Sexual inequality is almost the entire history of our species. "

That's irrelevant. So is slavery and cannibalism. Is it occurring against women in the West right now? If so, is feminism the best movement to advocate gender equality?

"When nearly every social statistic in every country on the planet is evidence of the problem"

Cite reference. Feminism operates in the west in any case; even if sexism against women is a problem in Nigeria, it's not like Feminists are flying over to solve the problem.

The statistics that feminists do use tend to either be made up (one in five women will be raped by the time you read this article!) or misleading - Gender Wage Gap! (that is totally due to oppression and not women choosing safer jobs by an order of magnitude).

"people fighting it don't have to list them all to justify the discussion"

Listing ANY  would be nice. Citing your references is what sane people do. When your only reference is "I heard it and it sounded true" then maybe you should try to follow it back to something beyond an opinion piece from someone who agrees with you.

"I WON'T stop to Google 'combustion' for you!"

Combustion isn't in contention. Feminism is. You might feel it's so true that it's beyond proof - but all you are doing is reinforcing your own fanaticism by refusing to examine your sources for your beliefs.

Sexism [is] "unfair treatment of people because of that gender, especially women."

Why ESPECIALLY WOMEN? The automatic privileging of one sex over another is discrimination on the basis of sex... if only we had a word for that...

" it's in the dictionary"

Argument by dictionary; how novel.

"What we say has been proven to be true! Because we wrote it don in this book - and it says whatever we say is true! QED!"

Feminists write the current dictionaries in the West; a glance at the older dictionaries immediately shows the problem.

"This attack assumes that only saints and particularly blessed Buddhas are deserving of even the most basic human rights or empathy. "

Uh huh. Explain to me how much empathy feminist give to men, again?

"You'll see this attitude when women are sexually assaulted"

You immediately erased all the male victims, I see. Such empathy!

" when black men are murdered "

Oh, quick, erase all the non-black people... seriously, you want to play the race card? You know a lot of black men get raped, don't you?

How does that play out in your mind... men are undeserving of empathy! But black people are deserving... so ... a black man!! That's a logical paradox! (*kaboom*)(*brains decorate walls*)

"Accusing Victims of Faking It"

Your sentence is a lie. It's accusing alleged victims of faking it that you can't stand. You want us to "Listen and Believe" (so long as it's a woman accusing a man).

Well, dang, here in the real world - people lie! Routinely! And having a vagina doesn't make you a saint.

Do I really have to look up cases of false accusation? Is it that you don't know about them - or just do not care?

"Stewart (1981) 16 out of 18 90%"

And how do Feminists react when false accusers are exposed?

Deny, deny, deny.

It's getting to the point where if a man doesn't have his life continuously recorded, he can depend on someone seriously messing him up - and feminists like yourself eager to silence him regardless of evidence.


"Listen and Believe"?

We did that before. It didn't work out so well.

I can't be bothered going onto to page 2; we both know you aren't interested in honest or rational debate.

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