Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Oh, the Re-education Camps You'll Go!

A total of 480 people were fined last year for putting their feet on train seats.

Photographer: Marley Feck

I told my boyfriend about this phenomenon of men sitting a certain way, taking up space. Now he sees it on the subway too and is conscious of it. Slowly, but surely, we are educating them …

'Educating' them?

I think you need some education - basic biology would be a start.

Men and women are... different! Gasp!
  1. Male hips are narrow, which means sitting with legs closed all the time is uncomfortable.
  2. Male legs are longer, which means that the seats are set to the wrong height for us in any case.
  3. Men have testicles, which are evolved to cope with excess heat by descending - and if they aren't allowed to, temporary or even permanent fertility loss is the result.

Notice on the right part: men (on top) have acetabulum facing laterally, women (on bottom) have acetabulum facing anteriorly. Men’s legs will naturally tend towards the side. Women’s legs will naturally tend towards the front. (source)

Shaming men for something they have no control over is intrinsically shitty - but hey, you are a part of a gender supremacist movement, so I guess that comes with the territory. After all, you hypocrites have no problem with women taking excess space.

That'll cost you ... Putting feet on seats attracts a $180 fine.

I often say that feminism actively harms men - but don't you dolts realise that if you make men sterile, you won't get to have any more little feminists running around shrieking "#killallmen"?
You need fertile men to reproduce.

Do you not grasp this? Are you so blinded with hate that you cannot grasp what you need to continue, to survive?

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