Thursday, 5 March 2015

Men kill women for rejecting them?

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guys never realize that.
Why play games though? Just come out and say no, don’t seem to hard.
cause the word “no” is not in ya’ll vocabulary.
You want us to start telling you no? You don’t want us to play games? Teach your fellow men to stop murdering us for it.
I’d like to start by saying that crimes are not committed by a gender, they’re committed by people who know what they’re doing is wrong and don’t give a shit.

But since you want to play up this dumb-ass fallacy, two can play at that game.

Men kill women for rejecting them?

Well, gosh, Women kill a lot of men and children for fucking everything, from rejecting them to being “ungrateful” and that’s if they even have a reason. obvs, women are batshit crazy.

I mean, I have sources, so it must be true, right? Right????

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