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Women's Refuge New Zealand demands all submit to being feminists. Or Emma Watson will cry.

Women's Refuge New Zealand
12 March at 06:20 ·

Emma Watson caught the world's attention with her speech launching the #HeForShe campaign and now she features in a highly engaging Q&A on the topic.

'Men think it’s a women’s word. But what it means is that you believe in equality, and if you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist. Sorry to tell you. You’re a feminist. You’re a feminist. That’s it.'
Emma Watson talks gender equality in live Q&A

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Brett Caton "Men think it’s a women’s word."

Yes, it literally is.



From French féminisme circa 1837, ultimately from Latin fēminīnus, from fēmina (woman). First recorded in English in 1851, originally meaning "the state of being feminine." Sense of "advocacy of women's rights" is from 1895.


" But what it means is that you believe in equality, and if you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist."

No, the word is egalitarian. Some feminists are egalitarian, as are some non-feminists. Egalitarianism is not the property of Feminism Internationale(TM).

" Sorry to tell you. "
Ah, false sincerity. Lovely.

"You’re a feminist. You’re a feminist. That’s it.'"


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Britney Beeby:

Oh please. How is it a "women's world"?
Lots of men being married off as child brides? How about rape stats? How many boys are left at home around the world while their sisters are sent to school instead? Any men forced to cover their faces because of...See More
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Brett Caton:

@Britney Beeby

"How is it a "women's world"? "

I didn't say that, now, did I?

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Brett Caton:

"Lots of men being married off as child brides? "

No, they'd be boys, yes, boys are married off - but lots more are used as slaves or as child soldiers. How many boys did Boko Haram kill? No little placards for them, I noticed.

"How about rape stats?"

Yes. How about them rape stats? Who is raped most in the US? Could it be... men... ? You guessed right! Woohoo!

Lets go on.

"How many boys are left at home around the world while their sisters are sent to school instead"

It's difficult to attend an education when you are given a rifle and made to fight.

You aren't even trying there. Do better.

"Any men forced to cover their faces because of their religion?"

You see the word of God as oppression?

C'mon, think this through. You want to tell God that he is wrong?

Either God doesn't exist - and all religion is bunk - or he does - and his will can't be argued with.

Claiming religion is a feminist issue is hilarious.

" Is there a single country in the world where men aren't allowed to drive?"

There's bloody few people who live in Saudia Arabia to begin with. It's a place where men are put to death for being gay. Like many, many others.

Not too many women killed that way, tho, I noticed.

But I'm sure being able to drive in Saudi Arabia is far more important than being shoved out of a building for being a gay man.

And do you know why they aren't allowed to drive in that tiny country? Because of traditional gender roles, that hold that women need to be protected by men, in a HeForShe arrangement.

Gosh, I wonder who else advocates for that...
I commit to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls.

So .. the men will serve and protect the women... for nothing in exchange? And Emma uses that as proof that men are welcomed into Feminism?

An Open Letter to Emma Watson

Emma Plugs New Improved Feminism! Now less genocidal!

I love the fact that feminists are rejecting HeForShe.. on the basis that having men involved, even as beasts of burden, is just too good for 'em.

" Earn less than women for doing the same job?"

In the US and the UK and most other western countries, that would a crime - if anything, it's the other way around, with female manual labourers able to work less and get paid the same.

So they have to lower the bar to be able to have women doing it - despite the fact the bar is there TO SAVE LIVES, not to give them money, because vagina.

I wish you feminists would do like you keep bloody threatening and move away and set up your own country. I'd laugh as the first fire exploded out of control because your firies can't handle a bloomin' door.

"Equality means uplifting and raising women AROUND THE WORLD to the status currently held by men."

No, that's not equality.

Feminists see this as a picture of the world. Men have everything better, because they are the capitalists - i mean, oppressors. Women are the workers - i mean oppressed - so everything is worse for them.
Women's Oppression Today: The Marxist/Feminist Encounter by Michèle Barrett

[It's very hard to see the difference between feminism and marxism when you examine both - I think Marx  and Engels should sue for copyright infringement!]

And because feminists believe this - BELIEVE it as an article of faith, it was never analysed, there was no falsifiable theory, it's just believed - then everything has to be spun about in the propaganda to match it.

Take the vote. Almost every place there was a vote, it was for the rich. Including women. You had rich women getting four votes while most men had none. In almost every country, men and women had universal suffrage - no property test - come in at the same time.

Now, for men, that was tied to conscription. They got the benefit of having a vote at the price of agreeing to conscription - which is carried on for selective service.

This arrangement was offered to the Suffragettes- who voted against it, and elected instead to shame men - even those who didn't have the franchise - into signing up as a part of The White Feather Movement.

So feminists fought to shame young men to their deaths, they fought to have men die in their place. They fought for special treatment for women - never equality.

So, sorry luv, I ain't takin' your White Feather. You can stick it where the sun don' shine.
Image result for boy soldiers
Image result for boy soldiers
Child Soldiers
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Kat Mary:

^There's plenty female child soilders as well idiot. He's just a loser whose failed with women so has to go round playing the victim and trivializing serious social issues that cause many people trauma. I know plenty of abused men, but I bet no ones ever laid on hand on him. If he cares so much about men's rights he should perhaps go set up his own page rather than trolling the fb page of a group that's done a lot of help for the community.

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Kat Mary:
Child Soldiers International - Analysis: Girl child soldiers face new battles in civilian life

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Brett Caton:

@Kat Mary
You don't even know how to find the right reference for your own argument.

It's here.

This is an opinion piece.

"About 40 percent of the hundreds of thousands of child soldiers scattered across the world’s conflicts today are thought to be girls"

Thought - by who? It's a weasel word.

There's no evidence provided, but quotemining is deployed to provide a smokescreen.

A January 2013 World Bank briefing, Children in Emergency and Crisis Situations, says: “The use of girls [by armed forces] has been confirmed in Colombia, DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo], East Timor, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda and West Africa. There are some 12,500 in DRC. However, girls are generally less visible and up to now have hardly benefited from demobilization and reintegration programmes for child soldiers.”

That sounds impressive - but it says nothing about the percentage. Just that they are widespread. So what? The muslim groups have also been known to use female suicide bombers - they are certainly not used in the same numbers.

And communist groups used females, yes - but outside of North Korea, communism just isn't significant. It's islamic groups that form the bulk of forces deploying children.

"Girls often conceal their association with armed groups, Richard Clarke, director of Child Soldiers International, told IRIN"

Well, that's awfully convenient. They're there - but they are invisible. Sh! Be very quiet. You can only hear them if you believe in them. Don't question! Every time you question, a fairy - i mean, a girl soldier - dies.

" The gender-equality ideals espoused by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front’s (EPLF) had proved an attractive lure for female recruits, including some who were teenagers or younger. "

OMG! Did you hear that? SOME WERE TEENAGERS?

How many?


Define teenager? I mean, child soldiers are often boys as young as 9. Are we talking 18 or 19 year old people? 17?

Stop asking! Don't you realise asking questions is Patriarchy?

Oh dear, I didn't mean...


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