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Response to "feminist or feminist ally, if you prefer"...

Response to

"feminist or feminist ally, if you prefer"

Feminism cannot even make up it's mind whether or not men are allowed in the doors.

Yet it claims anyone who believes in equality is a feminist - announces people are feminists regardless of their opposition - claims feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers AREN'T feminists - despite the fact they say they are and they believe in equality.

Feminism is an incoherent mess.

" The idea that a man might be considerate of and respectful towards his wife’s opinions and desires was completely foreign to him"

Or he was employing humour.

“Now That I’m a Dad to a Little Girl, I Kinda Regret My Decades of Misogyny?”

In feminist circles? Constantly. Men are conditioned into self-loathing.

“Many women seem to reach for the ‘feminist’ label first to shore up their sense of superiority and, second, to get a little female validation.”

 Fixed that for you.

 "every word I write or speak aloud is amplified by a privilege I didn’t ask for and don’t deserve"

 Well, Shitlord, why are you writing this, then?

Back in the land of sane people, we don't judge people by the colour of their skin but by the contents of their character. You might want to try that someday.

 " We tend to write the laws"

 Do you? Good for you. I never did, nor has any man I have ever known.

 We are not a hivemind. The fact that i might have similar genitals to someone else doesn't make them the same as me.

And the thing is, in a democracy, it's lobby groups - like Feminism - that control the laws. That make sure female rapists aren't classified as such because they mostly don't use penetration, or that give blanket immunity to prosecution for rape in India and Israel.

 Feminism is the belief that if the system benefits men, it's Patriarchy.

  Feminism is the belief that if the system hurts men, it's Patriarchy.

     Feminism is the belief that if the system hurts women, it's Patriarchy.

       Feminism is the belief that if the system benefits women, it's Patriarchy.

       If daylight savings changes on the day you want some women's thing? Patriarchy. That's not even hyperbole. That's a thing.

       "We’re found lecturing in classrooms"

       Rubbish. Mostly it's women. You don't seem bothered by checking your facts; just your privilege.

       "The fact that some men will listen to me and not Jessica Valenti or Roxane Gay is terrible"

       Jessica Valenti => the woman who said it doesn't matter if Feminists hate all men for the crime of being born, and said she'd gladly swim in an ocean of men's tears.

       I can see why she's one of your heroes. Have you considered carving out your heart and presenting it to her?

       "Most importantly, I will make it clear to my students that privilege is a real thing."

       They will "Listen and Believe" when you teach your religious views as if they were facts - which they wouldn't have to do for any other faith. Feminism is living proof that Secular democracies can be undermined, with a de facto State Religion - one that, ironically, proclaims itself to be atheist.

       "Bill O’Reilly argues that white privilege is a myth"

       So does anyone not a feminist - but you are trying for an ad hominem here. You are part of a group that doesn't like him - therefore, if he says it, it must be wrong. Regardless of the merits of the argument.

       "Hitler liked cereal... you like cereal? YOU ARE LITERAL HITLER, SHITLORD".

       " George Will likes to claim that rape survivors receive a “coveted status” on college campuses"

       Strawman - he says people who proclaim themselves rape survivors get a privileged status - and they do. They don't go to the police, they don't file charges, they walk about carrying crosses - or mattresses in some cases, proclaiming their martyrdom and begging for donations - which they tend to get in vast amounts.

Even after it's been proven that the men they accuse are innocent.

       It's a very profitable business being a self-announced victim that never has to deal with all that nasty "proving stuff" or "facing questioning in court".

Presumption of Innocence? THAT'S PATRIARCHY, SHITLORD! Anyway!

       "They’re solipsistic"

   You don't know what they word means.

       "He might even read some Gloria Steinem"

    "Overthrowing capitalism is too small for us. We must overthrow the whole...patriarch!" (Gloria Steinem, radical feminist leader, editor of MS magazine).

    Yes, he might - so will you be handing him the bombs, comrade? When is the Revolution scheduled for, it's just that I have a lot of housework to do and I don't want to miss it...

“Mass killings occurred under some Communist regimes during the twentieth century with an estimated death toll numbering between 85 and 100 million.

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