Friday, 1 May 2015

Feminists plan to cut men’s wages

I think we'll see this passing into law very soon, particularly if Hillary Clinton gets into power. The Feminist Initiative has said it will introduce male only taxes if it gets into power, and other Feminist political parties are sympathetic to the idea.

Combine that with reducing men's pay, and you'll have an Emma Watson style #HeForShe second class citizen coded into law.

The author completely ignores all the wage gap studies that say men earn more money by working longer and doing dangerous jobs (resulting in ten times the workplace fatalities). Feminists will still need someone to do those jobs.

How will they persuade their worker caste to continue to die for less pay, and higher taxes? How will they stop that caste from leaving the country for greener fields?

Feminists will have to use *force*. At some point, emotional manipulation will be insufficient.

But Feminists are physically weaker than men. Wat do?

Well, exoskeletons and drones might be a leveler. Some Feminists might be persuaded to don them and put their hatred of men into a physical form.

The use of "white knights" as shock troops is no doubt a part of the HeForShe scheme, but at some point males will notice they are killing other males in the name of equality... which might make most of them start to question their servitude, and then you have armed and trained rebels on your hands!

Unless Feminists devise a remote kill switch for their White Knights, I just don't see it happening.

Another solution might be to drug males from early on.

It's suggested that that is what ADHD medication is; however, I simply have seen no proof of this. It is very interesting that such a huge proportion of boys in education have now been declared mentally ill, and requiring a sedative in order to conform.

13.2% of boys have been diagnosed with ADHD. (source)

Doesn't it seem odd that previous generations of boys were able to get through their schooling without being drugged?

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