Friday, 8 May 2015

Men should be forbidden from going to gyms?

A Reaction to:

"Durkin blames the men entirely."

I'm shocked. I'm incredibly shocked that a feminist would blame men entirely. We really are The Devil.

“Sometimes men can’t accept that women are better than them.”

Feminism is Equality!(TM), but women are more equal than men?

"Walker thinks we need fewer single-sex gyms"

Because men are unbearable rape-monsters, and women shouldn't have to put up with them - but they need to be policed at all times or they'll ... feel sexual attraction for women!

I'm sorry, I know that's a vile thing to say. Men... wanting... women... disgusting... excuse me while I vomit.

So men can't go to the gym because they might experience desire for a woman - and men can't be trusted to go to the gym without women because they might ... conspire or something... maybe that's how Patriarchy was born, men got together without a woman to police their conversation.

Clearly, by this logic, men should be forbidden from going to gyms.

But then they might run on the streets, and say "hello" to women as they go past... aieeee! Cat-Calling!

Obviously women and men cannot be allowed on the same continent!

You know, we could just move the feminists to Tasmania... it's a lovely place, there'll be no men, EVER, and the rest of humanity - which is quite happy with men wanting women and vice versa - can get on with our lives.

And when the last of the feminists is sealed away on that gigantic island, we can don our ear muffs and ear plugs to drown out the sounds of your screams as you eat each other alive.

It's win-win!

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