Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Epic Tale of One Woman's Desperate Desire for a Mary Sue to Screw.

A response to

Her words shall henceforth be in italic, oh yea, oh yea.

Let’s talk about a house. Let’s talk about a house with the windows broken.

Let's not; that sounds boring.

Let’s talk about a house, burning.


Let’s talk about Sansa Stark of Winterfell. Season 5, Episode 6.

Oh, thank god, I was afraid my jaw would dislocate.

Game of Thrones.

Yeah, we get it.

Let’s talk about that one scene, you know which one I mean,

Nope. What is this, an advertising jingle?

Look - words exist! To describe things! USE THEM.

a bird unfeathered, a princess uncrowned, a mirror smashed,

A skull crushed, a penis severed, a gut impaled...

a village flooded as Ex-Prince Theon is forced to watch.

A  really minor crime is done by a really major villain. Oh noes!

Sansa bent over as Ramsay has his way with her.

Yes, he's a villain. He does evil things. He might be more evil than anyone else in this story, and having his way with his wife is about the nicest thing he's ever done. There's people he's touched who would beg to know that kindness.

The director didn’t stick to the books,

No-one would have watched if they did a straight adaption. The author had no problem with it, the actress thought it was great - the feminists went mental.

Thousands of men suffer miserable fates. They don't care - until a woman they like is treated badly! TIME TO GO INSAAAAAAANE.

Feminism. Because all animals are equal, but female animals matter and male ones can be impaled on stakes for all they care.

Sansa wasn’t raped in the books, the fans cry,

No, the fans are quite happy - the feminists are the only ones objecting.

she’s not supposed to be raped in the show.

Bullshit. It's their show. If you don't like it - don't watch. I'm sure they'll cope, what with the solid gold swimming pools they have to keep them company.

Hold up. No one is supposed to be raped.

Are you brain dead? Oh. I... I'm sorry - brain-injured, I should say. Did you do it to yourself? Well, it's quite impressive. I had no idea you could lose that much and still survive.

Two days later, Emma Sulcowicz carries the mattress

As part of her publicity stunt. Yes, she does that. So what?

across her stage at graduation from Columbia,

Despite it being against regulations, despite it making the ceremony all about her, and despite the fact that legal action has already begun against them for VIOLATING THEIR OWN FUCKING RULES AGAINST HARASSMENT.

and still we question the truth of her accusation,

Damn straight. She begged him to fuck her butt AFTER SHE SAYS SHE WAS RAPED ANALLY.


Sorry, forgot: brain dead. Mah bad.

as if anyone would want to add to the weight

And get lots of money and fame and be invited to talk shows and be applauded as a 'survivor' without any nasty due process or presumption of innocence for the accused....

Yeah, it sounds good to me. Oh, I was raped! Donations pls!


for attention, comments on Huffington Post that can all be translated into different synonyms of liar.

They don't need synonyms.

She's a liar.

She can sue my fat pimply butt if she can prove me wrong, but she won't dare try. Any investigation will blow her out of the water, as you'd know if you weren't a blind zealot.

You never considered the possibility he might be innocent. You just "Listen and Believe", like the good little sheep you are.

But they didn’t follow the plot.

Oh dear. Is it the FBI who didn't? The lizard people? The worms that live in your ears, whispering kill kill KILLLLLL...

Not for Sansa.

Or for quite a lot of other characters - because they want to entertain the audience instead of treating a book as if it was divine. You do know GRR Martin wrote this, not God? It's not blasphemy to make changes?

You know this, right? I mean, you're not trying to incorporate it into some victim narrative - oh, you are!!! Oh. That's hilarious.
God knows Emma was just another of the one-in-five women

Who exist in feminist imaginations only - the one in five crap was debunked ages ago.

it was inevitable, someone has to complete the statistics

Yup, a feminist had to make them up out of their paranoid imaginings. Fortunately, sane people ignore them.

It’s not about how someone refused to follow the storyline.

Oh, for fuck's sake! Fuck off! You have gone on and one about them changing it - and now you pretend you don't care?


It’s about how perpetrators should never write themselves into someone else’s.

You forgot to finish the.

But it sounds like you just accused Martin of being a rapist. Neat trick the way you quit before saying something that would get you sued into oblivion, yet left enough so that hysterical feminist would fill in the blanks. Very nice! Goebbels would approve.

Why do women have to be victims

Why do birds suddenly appear?

before becoming heroes?

You do realise almost all heroic fiction follows that narrative? In fact, someone who just becomes a hero without any struggle is called a Mary Sue and it's the most boring thing imaginable and... oh god! That's what you wanted!

You want Sansa to be carried in, be tossed the crown, firing thunderbolts from her fanny at all the evil menzzz and defeat Sauron, Satan and Sephiroth at the same time. She'd loll back, being attended to orally by Elsa and Anna at the same time, with Loki bringing up the rear ---- and she'd smash the Patriarchy with Thor's Hammer, because she's totally Thor and not Jane Foster (that bitch! She doesn't deserve him)...

Bored now! I'll leave you to your wanking.

Fare poorly.

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