Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Emma is coming, scrape... scrape... you should be running, too late, late...

I thought the security cameras for her porno were an allusion to "Five nights at Freddy's", and I spent the whole time terrified one of the cameras would blink and we’d see

but then that would vanish and then later just as they were about to do anal we’d see

and you’d think you were safe but no, they’d cut back to that scene where she doesn’t appear to be using lube and i’m pretty sure he just got a dose of something nasty and it’s getting to the end and you’re crying and thinking oh please let it be over, I don’t want to see Emma’s porno ever again, please please please

and this is on all screens and you are weeping, broken but grateful at the approach of death but then she grabs him and says

lol yussssss

fuck me in the butt

And she does it and foxy is weeping and begging for it to stop but she won’t stop and then she turns and grabs her mattress and drag... drag... drag

and you realise you can hear that sound and it’s not from the speakers

and there’s a scrape at the door...

and the whisper

“you don’t miss my lopsided ass”

and you know it’s too late to run, too late to grab the knife and cut the pain from your throat,




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