Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Amanda Marcotte, you lying sack of shit.

You claim false rape allegations are as rare as zombie bites?

The Police have prosecuted people for false allegations.
Which you claim cannot possibly exist. Surely you should drop everything and rush to the aid of these poor damsels in distress?

Hmm. Studies show it ranging from 2-90%. The true number is unknowable - except that it isn't zero, now, is it?

Still, quoting Manboobz as your source means you aren't terribly serious about facts.

I love the way you see a recording of sexual encounters as being a way of enabling rape - so even if a man has a recording of an encounter with a woman going "I want sex" every thirty seconds, you'll turn around and have that man charged as a rapist?

Yup. That's the sort of world you want us to live in.

, you are the biggest recruiting tool we could wish for.

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