Saturday, 22 August 2015

Victorian Schools Are Dropping Religious Classes

And Replacing Them With.. Feminist... Religious Classes ...?!!

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22 Aug 2015 08:22:13 UTC

"“focus on challenging negative attitudes such as prejudice, discrimination and harassment, that can lead to violence, often against women"

Ah, ok, replacing one religion with another then. Feminism is just another faith-based doctrine.

"Gender inequality is one of the underlying causes of family violence"

Rubbish. DV is often reciprocal and happens in same sex relationships - in fact lesbian DV rates are HIGHER.

"We need to address discrimination and teach equality as part of preventing family violence."

No, you need to teach the facts and not dogma.

"Teaching healthy, respectful relationships is key to preventing violence. "

Easier said than done! We've been trying to teach people to be good for thousands of years. But I have to wonder if this won't be using the Duluth Model - which holds that masculinity is the cause of all violence - and DV can be prevented only by suppressing masculinity.

There's nothing here about teaching ethics. They might as well admit this is Feminist indoctrination and at least be honest about it.

More references on request; most of this stuff is pretty easy to find if you care to search the proper academic papers (i.e. psychological ones, not feminist ones).

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