Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mohammed Ahmed is a fraud? Thomas Talbot speaks!

Thomas Talbot said:

...We've now learned that the father is a well known political stuntman

who even named his trucking company "twin towers transportation"
(mocking 9/11) and it may very well be that this entire incident was
engineered - time will tell whether that is true or not.

Its now my opinion that the youth's actions were designed to trigger exactly what happened. Since creating a hoax device in Texas is a crime, the school and the police
were within reason to detain him, BASED ON HIS ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS.

If they wanted to persecute him, they could have kept him in jail and
prosecuted, which they chose not to do.

I agree that everyone starts somewhere. Lavishing gushing praise on
undeserved and unremarkable work does nothing to help an aspiring
inventor - it also serves to demoralize young people who have achieved
considerable accomplishments through hard work learning and building.

A mentor can and should take a young person down the next steps of invention, which requires some honesty.

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