Friday, 18 September 2015

SocJus College claims male gratification is wickedness & sin,_the_Heinous_sin_of_Self-Pollution._Wellcome_L0025077.jpg

The college functions according to feminist beliefs - pretty much like a Catholic or a Muslim college would - but they don't advertise. Feminism is so much a part of the system that questioning it is simply impossible for them.

 "even same-sex pornography was treating another person as a means to an end"

Like going to a shop and buying a loaf of bread is, yes. My end is food. Their end is the money I have.

We exchange it.

Welcome to capitalism - no, not even that, welcome to a pattern of behaviour that even pre-dates humanity.

I have no idea how feminist economics works. Perhaps they just think they can stand about screeching until the Patriarchy gives them stuff.

Actually, I think that's pretty much it. They want to destroy Patriarchy - and feed off it at the same time.

And that's ignoring the giant amount of porn that's simply amateurs taking pictures of themselves and uploading it in return for the admiration of others - a quantity I suspect far outweighs the commercial market now.

Dr Black said the porn ban was not prompted by student complaints but was informed by a "well-held view that pornography depicts women for the gratification of male sexuality".

Really? Outside of Feminism, who, exactly, believes that? Inside of feminism - there's an entire branch of feminism that holds that such activities are GOOD!

And what the hell is wrong with the gratification of male sexuality? I mean, does he propose students hands be tied and their underwear monitored, like was done in Victorian times, to prevent self-pleasuring? Oh, only male students, I forget.

What Dr Black means is that every time a male experiences release, a female is damaged. Presumably magic sperm monkeys fly out and slash away at her innocence and purity.

"We're not in any way restricting their ability to do what they want with their own personal resources "

Except they are paying for wifi. In the same way they are paying for electricity and water and space. If the wifi is a common resource, so too is the light from the bulbs... will the college monitor that as well, in case it be used for the horrible sin of simply illuminating a female body for male gratification?

A man is about to pleasure himself by looking at a tattered paper copy of Playboy - when there's a hard knock at the door. Who could it be?

Oh no! It's the Sex Police!! Flee!

Oh, heavens!

Hold the Press! You Must Hear This!

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