Sunday, 13 December 2015

Is Fallout 4 the End of the Line?

I decided this for myself a while ago now .

The futility of it all is very strong; it seems like the previous protagonist's sacrifices were all meaningless, the sides you can pick from are all corrupt and genocidal, and a lot of the time I felt like I was playing an XBox, not a PC game - which means being railroaded into shooting things to advance through the cut sequences, rather than playing a roleplaying game.

I don't mind hard. I don't mind frustrating. But there should be rewards for effort. There's none. You built amazing settlements? It doesn't matter. It doesn't build a new nation.

You made friends with robots, artificial humans, ghouls and super-mutants? It doesn't matter. You cannot build any bridges. You cannot influence anyone to change, to co-operate to something other than just another nuclear war, with humanity becoming ever more degraded.

You get to make things explode. That is it.

Which is fun for a while but there are a lot of games like that. Fallout used to be different. It used to feel like you made a difference.

I've put in a request over at the modding community for a solution to the lousy ending, even if it's purely text based. I'd love to see some positive results from the community-building ingame you do, beyond "it makes money".

(Admittedly, settlements have their own problems - for example, unlike in the Sims, you don't know if the objects you build are a waste of resources, like walls turn out to be, or have some concrete benefit.

No-one seems to agree on whether paintings, for example,  increase happiness, which you would think was pretty much fundamental, and the sort of thing a tutorial would explain)

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