Friday, 29 January 2016

Another go at Spring Cleaning (2.05) for Fallout 4

I'll never understand why you can't get rid of the rubbish in standard Fallout 4. Humans do not live with giant piles of junk in their homes - they are dangerous and unpleasant, and easily removed.

And there's brooms everywhere in this game, not to mention a robot with cleaning as an obsession!

So the "Spring Cleaning" mod tries to counter that weirdness - and it used to work - but now it's not effective against all the things it was before. Admittedly, I've only looked at the drive-in settlement so far.

See the bollard is highlighted in yellow? This indicates the mod is at least partially working, as unmodified Fallout doesn't you get rid of them.

It's esp and esm are last in the load order, so they should be overriding anything else - not that i can see anything else that can scrap items.

So why can't I scrap the leaves, grasses and other junk piles now?

I wish there was a clean way to get a list of installed mods etc - as far as I know, screenshotting is the only way, or doing a directory list of the esp/esm files i suppose, but that won't include load order.

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