Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fallout Dreams

I'm wandering, but everything looks impossibly clean, almost as if..

I'm back. I know where I am. Home. Then I see him, and feel dread. It's coming.

I rush to my son's bedroom - but there's no-one there. The house is empty. I'm too late.

I follow the path I took before, to the Icehouse. The cold place, the worst place. I'm frantic; I have to change what will happen, I have to save my family.

I see all my neighbours, my friends. They shiver in terror, they weep. They will die soon, or be twisted into monsters.

I want to help them but I can't. I don't know what to say.. is it worse to go inside Icehouse, and be murdered, or die believing you were denied salvation?

Soldiers at their posts, their fear masked by metal. I didn't see their bodies. Did they survive, somehow?

I get to the vault, but it's too late. I see as if I rode the bomb. The bomb, the bomb.. is falling... but it's here, this time, and there'll be no survivors. I feel ... relief.

... but then I am back, where I was soon after I left Icehouse and began to see the horrors of the Wasteland.

I am in Concord, and I have to get to the Power Armour. Footsteps. Dooms, doom, doom. I have to run... but I sink into the ground like it's mud, and it holds me in place.

I hear the Deathclaw huffing, but I can't bear to turn and watch it's approach. I can only hope my death is swift.

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