Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fallout 4, mods and the delays for console users

For console users who are looking forward to modding - i think they have finally solved the problems that means PC users were juggling patches to try and get everything to work.

Settlement Keywords was a huge effort to make things work despite limitations in the original game.

Later, it looks like they fixed some of the bugs in the DLC, and maybe it's not needed

- but a lot of mods depend on it, leaving gamers with the dilemma of maybe deleting EVERYTHING (ugh) and starting with a clean game

OR they can try using Settlement Keywords Expanded OR Settlement Keywords Independent, which means juggling more patches but maybe having a better menu system.

My game  crashes at certain points when i used the settlement editor - there's certain items from the DLC i've never seen, and other items i used to be able to use but can't any more, no idea why.

So re-starting from a clean slate looks like the only solution. That's a huge download, however. But some mods do not install/uninstall cleanly, and some file i can't find could be causing my problems.

In addition, what some people recommend doing is basically learning how to mod, and recreating the mods you want to use.

That's a heck of a lot of work. I'm disabled and being ill is my full time job - and i'm sure a lot of you guys wouldn't find it fun to get home after work and have to learn how to mod, how to keep up to date with patches that break things, etc.

For some people that's fine - they enjoy it, and i appreciate it greatly because without them, i wouldn't play these games - but the overwhelming majority of gamers just want to sit down, load it up and have it work.

Which is why I think they have delayed the release of mods for console gamers to such an extreme degree. I think they made some dodgy choices in the original game - perhaps they were rushed for time?

The limits on categories and the number of items worked fine in the unmodified game but assuming people weren't going to modify it is absurd, and you'd think somewhere along the line, someone would have realised "our game is not going to work with mods unless we fix this and release information modders need to avoid problems".

(The lack of a tutorial with the editing system makes me think it was rushed out the door.

Besides, the editor should never have been running in real time - having settlers and companions walk in the way of construction is maddening, although it is amusing to watch them walk over the edge of high buildings like they were the lemmings from the old computer game.)

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