Thursday, 19 May 2016

Feminists demand men die like dogs for their safety

Why do MRAs keep bringing up the draft?

"If equality means sending my daughters to war, I want no part of it" (source)

You don't want any part of equality? Oh well, there are many Islamic countries - however, even some of them talk about female conscription, so choose wisely!

"But being a feminist doesn't have to mean standing up for sending our daughters to war."
Just the sons, apparently. Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others. It's the feminist way!

"In the event of a draft, sending women off to war does not present an equal opportunity to women by nature of the fact that women are physically different from men"

Interesting. So you think women should be paid less for any physical work? Bold move!

But no-one says to weak men that they can use that as an excuse to avoid the draft. And the Feminist claim that women are just as capable as men includes the downside of people believing it. So you think women are weak and feeble, and need strong men to protect them? Hail, Patriarchy!

" it’s not discrimination; it’s a privilege"

Hahahahahaaha, oh god, you're serious. Well, tell you what, we'll give you this privilege. You get to die protecting us, and we get to complain about you, and give you a white feather if you try and refuse.
Shell shock. Now called PTSD.

Feminists claim the variety they get from Twitter
is even more serious than the trauma soldiers face
Soldiers from all nations went mad with fear during war.

Being shot for cowardice was the only tool sufficient
to force most to keep fighting.
"Should my daughters grow up to choose a career in military service, I would support them 100 percent"

... because women are just as capable in the military as men, except when it's inconvenient?

"the number of women who feel physically and emotionally capable of taking on that role are the exception" don't think you understand conscription. If men volunteered - there wouldn't be a need to force them. You think men are 'emotionally capable' -  to kill, to watch their mates die or see a kid bleed out from shrapnel or lose their manhood to a mine?

What world are you from? Are you so blinded by Feminism that you think men are these raging berserkers, glorying in blood and death? If so, wouldn't taking up arms and learning how to fight us be the only sane course of action?

"If feminism, at its core, is about the power to fully empower women" - wow, another definition for Feminism - how many millions is it up to now? But so much for Feminism being about equality - you really need to tell all those Feminists like Emma Watson that it's not, it's about POWER.

Because I agree with you. It's gynocentricism, it's a gender supremacist cult, that demonises men yet depends on them for all the dirty work.

You want us to die for you?


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