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Feminist hates men because they know she hates men.

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12 May 2016 20:09:29 UTC

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"Do you just...hate men?"

Total shot in the dark, but I'm going to say... yes.

I love the fact she never actually denies that. She's just mad he's allowed to ask the question.

"It was not the first time a man had asked me this question."

Yet men don't ask other women that question. Perhaps some alarm bells should be ringing? Some self-examination might be in order? No, of course not! Logic is for the enemy!

 "despite the fact that I'm not one to ever be silenced—especially by such a cheap, clich├ęd trick"

 There's no trick. It's a straight question that men keep asking you and you keep deflecting away from. You seem to be giving men the impression you hate them. I can see why.

"My partner, who'd asked me to teach him more about why women need safe spaces, was the one derailing the conversation."
No dissent past this point. Free thoughts will be confiscated!

You consider having your partner raise the worry that you hate him... derailling? You had something more important to talk about while watching TV?


 "During sacred Netflix and Chill time."

 Ok, I don't know if you hate men, but we sure as fuck hate you now. Your partner was reaching out to you with an incredibly important question - the one that would determine whether or not you have a future - and you want to focus on the TV instead.

Reaction GIF: fuck you, angry, Bryan Cranston, Walter White, Breaking Bad
 Fuck. You.

"Talk about fragile masculinity."

Oh yes, it's a sign of how fragile masculinity is that we have feelings other than lust and anger. That we care if our partners love us.

Feminists love to claim men are emotional cripples who can't express their feelings
- then despise them when they express their feelings

What. A. Bitch.

""In this patriarchal society, women are socialized to coddle male egos and not to ask 'too much' of men or risk losing everything "

Women - in all 'patriarchal' societies - ask men to DIE for them - and most men go and do it.

Jesus bloody Christ. If you don't want to "coddle male egos" - i.e. have a supportive relationship - then don't. No-one is forcing you to.

Piss off with your sisterhood and you can bitch together about how periods are caused by Patriarchy - we don't care.

" Do they get that our society is so deeply invested in preserving patriarchy that groups of old white men throughout the country"


Raaah! (*cut to scenes of hordes of old white men rampaging through the city streets*)

 "are succeeding at stripping women of their legal rights "

 Citation needed. Name one right men have that women do not. I know of many women have that men do not.

" in the year 2016?"

Oh no! It's [current year]. How come I don't have everything I want when it's [current year]?

" While some men may think Black women making $0.64 to the dollar of what men make isn't fair"

No, it's a crime.  Men made it a crime. You are lying.

" who's ready to chip in that $.36 to even it out?"

We are willing to trade higher total earnings for you dying at eleven times the rate - which is what we do to get those big bucks, the extra money comes from the harder jobs that you avoid.

But I noticed you also ignore the fact that ethnically asian people earn way more than you do. Maybe it's because they work hard and get degrees that will give them good incomes instead of bloody Social Justice degrees?

"who's actually interested in doing the hard, long work of decolonizing heteronormative relationships? "

You think heterosexuality is abnormal, despite the massive amount of evidence against you? So why write this shit-piece whining about heterosexual relationships if you don't think being heterosexual is normal? Go have sex with your cat or something - we don't care so long as you don't keep us awake at night!

"Who is ready to decolonize the world?"

Feminists, apparently. Not going to be a lot of people if you get rid of heterosexual relationships.

"Because toxic masculinity isn't just unfair, or annoying, or detrimental—it kills women."

Citation needed. Most deaths from violence are of men. But lets imagine that men really are these horrible monsters of the Feminist imagination.
Grr! Argh!



If we are monsters, then (do i really need to spell this out?)

then indeed you fucking do hate men. Your lover was right, and your every word is a lie not only to the reader but to yourself.

"The leading cause of death for Black women and girls ages 15-35 is domestic violence or intimate partner violence. "

Citation needed. Lesbian DV rates are higher, so if anything all you are pointing out is that modern women are living very safe lives.

"Black women suffer the highest rates of intraracial violence."

Citation needed. White people suffer from violence from back people in the US far more than vice versa, so I'm not sure if you really want to play that card.

"And it starts in small, seemingly innocuous ways, like sitting on a panel and whining about its lack of inclusion instead of giving your seat to a qualified woman of color who could do it better anyway."

Citation needed. One of the reasons we don't just give jobs away according to your privilege point system is because the person who can do it better is the one who competes for the fucking job. Just giving a job to someone because you think they have the 'right' skin colour is what other countries have done, yes.

So that's what you want to build? Why not head off to Zimbabwe - plenty of fellow believers in that racist bullshit over there!
This is what happens when the ideologues give out jobs to the 'right' people,

not the people who earn the position the hard way. (source)

"It's denying you're a misogynist because you "don't hate women," without realizing that thinking women deserve less than you isn't love."

Nor would it be hate, you stupid twat, even by your own logic. I don't hate bugs or trees or goldfish but I do see them as lesser beings.

Even if your partner did think that your life was less important than his - fucking unlikely, I know which of you is more likely to die for the other if shit goes down - that wouldn't mean he hated you. and you haven't advanced one whit of evidence that he saw you as a lesser being.
Jon Blunk,  Alex Teves and Matt McQuinn were killed in the Aurora shooting, as they used their bodies to shield their girlfriends.
Three young men, each in different parts of theater nine, who gave their lives to protect their girlfriends. (source)

Man dies protecting girlfriend
Moodley was stabbed at about 8.30pm at the Fordsburg Square flea market
after shopping with Jagar on Saturday, April 26 as he tried to defend his future wife. (source)

Men give their lives to put women first
- and I have to wonder is it that Feminists don't know that
- or they do
but expect it from their disposable servant class?

Men die for women. We love women more than our lives.

But we do not love all women - we love the women who deserve our love.

Your claim that we must worship all women - and get nothing in return - is just madness, and abusive madness at that, and we do not and will not do your will, and you are welcome to leave our society and our company, and form your own in the company of your toxic Sisterhood

- and the only response from us will be a collective round of applause.

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