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Feminists try to outlaw male sexual freedom

What is it with Feminists and their fear and hatred of male sexuality?

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26 May 2016 00:43:29 UTC

"If we're going to dictate what women do with their bodies, might as well dictate what men do with theirs."

Feminists have been trying to control male masturbation for a while now; it doesn't surprise me that they would try to conflate it with killing a child. Seriously, there's no tactic too low for them.

But here's the thing - we already dictate what men do with their bodies. We don't let men hit children. We don't let men kill children. So it's not exactly unreasonable to say women shouldn't be allowed to do those things either. And with abortion - it's pretty difficult to come up with some rational explanation of how that is not killing a child.

At best, you can say it's a child with less value to society than the mother's continued comfort. There are rare circumstances where you have to choose one life over another. But generally I have to wonder - just how many abortions do Feminists have? Do they not understand that contraceptives exist?

"Look, Sarah Silverman gets it."

Yes, but she could get it treated, at least, she doesn't have to scratch in public.

"We live in a country filled with anti-abortion activists "

Do you? Then why isn't it illegal? Or are you saying a minority of zealots have made abortion legal despite the country being filled with people who don't agree with it?

" In 2016"

Ah, here we go. The Feminist answer to everything is to state the date. Whenever they need an argument answered, they look at a calendar.


"But if we're going to defend the right of men to enact laws"

Tell you what mate. Why don't you fuck off and form your own country where men don't have that right, and we'll ring it with mines to make sure none of you escape and infect the rest of the world with your fascist fuckery?

" Shouldn't we do the same with men who wish to regularly masturbate"

No, because a gamete and a zygote are different, you pathetic panderer.
Fetus - a young human zygote, aka a child.
Sperm - a male gamete - not a child.
Feminist 'Ally'.
Unable to tell the difference between a child
and what they suck out of their partner's rectum.

"Scientists have found that sperms cells smell"

No, that's an over-simplification, but using the same logic, so do bacteria.

"Sperm is life."

No, sperm is a-live.Get it right, dimwit.

"And you know what that means: We’ve gotta legislate that shit."

We do - if someone's sperm contacts an ova, the originator is liable for child support - even if it was obtained through rape.

Cases where men have used condoms, which were stolen or sabotaged, or had oral sex - which was then used for insemination against their will - have gone through the courts. Silverman is a comedian, but she's the Feminist idea of an expert on law - which is why she knows nothing but her feelz.
The Feminist vision of Family.
He provides child support for children he never sees.
She can imprison him if he loses his job or becomes ill.

He is For She.
He has no rights of his own.

" Silverman noted that multiple states still require women to look at an ultrasound of their fetuses before they make the final decision to go forward with their abortions."

Because that brings the reality of the situation to mind. A child will die. You can't find many humans who give a damn about killing gametes.

Are you really going to argue that getting the ovaries removed is mass murder?

" why don't we have men do something similar whenever they are about to sexually relieve themselves?"

Fucking hell. So Feminists sexually relieve themselves by getting pregnant? That's a very particular fetish!

"What we’ll do is -- it’s a real simple procedure. We take a really long needle-like basically GoPro camera and we put it down your penis hole, urethra … then down into your testicular sack,"

Yeah, and then we put it through your eyeball and deep into your brain - swish, swish, swish.

Fuck you, you pathetic worm, trying to ingratiate yourself with the Feminists you lust for by throwing other men under the bus, and by applauding the death of tiny babies.

Baby or Feminist; which do you prefer?

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