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Twitter abuse - '50% of misogynistic tweets from women'

When Feminists are called before the UN to discuss cyber-bullying, they present it as a case of those wicked men hurting helpless Damsels in Distress - and the UN applauds their wisdom.

Trouble is, it's a lie, and Feminists have known it was a lie for a long time, because I can tell you from experience, they lurrrv to abuse people through social media.

I'm an atheist, but I don't have to block religious zealots. In my life I've blocked on neo-Nazi, and in their case, they were being polite to me but they were just too revolting in their ideology to try to even talk to.

The abusers will always be Feminists.

And you can prove this. Take the Gender Wage Gap. Look up feminist sources for it (basically a Feminist says it's true so it is) and sources against (every economist under the sun).

Create a disposable profile, and say "The Wage Gap is a myth" on a Feminist site, along with a source. Say "the Wage Gap is the truth" on an MRA site with a source.

MRAs will try reason. Feminists will just tell you that you must hate women, that you must be unattractive, that you are scum, that they look forward to your death.

Feminists can't argue with logic so they will always work through emotional manipulation.

They will try to crush you as a person because they cannot defeat your arguments. Feminists don't have debates - they have consensus. They are not skeptical - They Listen And Believe.

Feminism is a cult, and the world will be better off when it is gone.

See also:

The UN proposal on cyberbullying is a blueprint for censorship Seventy years since its foundation, the United Nations has been taken over by the concerns of a small group of privileged middle-class women (source)

U.N. Says Cyber Violence Is Equivalent to Physical Violence Against Women

2015 International Women's Day March
Feminists define online abuse as a crime by men against women equivalent to a physical attack, even murder.

Even then, they move the goalposts to make "I do not believe you" count as abuse.

Dissent is intolerable in their minds.

Further Reading

I love the fact that when Feminists can't deny the reality, they'll double-down!

Feminist: Men are harassing women on the internet, because they hate women! This is why we need Feminism!

Anti: No, people are harassing other people, and women are doing to so more than men.

Feminist: That's a lie! You are not listening to our lived experiences! Stop man-splaining!

Anti: There's plenty of data - in fact we have been giving you references for this for years now and you just ignore them.

Feminist: But men are using gendered insults because they hate women!

Anti: No, people are using effective insults, because they want to hurt other people. They will call each other by names because that works - they don't literally believe that someone else stinks, they will say it because false accusations can hurt just as much as real ones.

Feminist: Well ... some absolutely new information has just reached me that totally has nothing to do with what you've been saying, that women are abusing other women - and this is why we need more Feminism!

It's the Patriarchy using mind-control rays that makes them do it! Women are not responsible for the wrong they do!

See "When women can be misogynist trolls, we need a feminist internet" for an example.

TL;DR - 50% of Online Misogyny Caused by Women

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Demos study "Misogyny on Twitter":

Demos study is 'flawed' if your hat is made of tin foil:

Twitter analytics:

PEW research:

Why women use sexually aggressive language towards each other:

The 'will be updated in two weeks' broadband commission report for the UN:

The terrible version is still live though if you want to go laugh at how bad it is, apparently UN women are still standing by it:

A different study that found a 60:40 split for misogyny on twitter. 60% perpetuated by women:

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