Thursday, 23 June 2016

Men Have No Balls?

Men Have No Balls

16 Aug 2015 18:28:58 UTC

I think it's hilarious that she's bitching at men who won't ... do the very things other feminists want to make illegal and describe as catcalling and harassment.

"men these days are cowards."

She calls them cowards because they don't want to risk false rape accusations that will ruin their lives, because the presumption of innocence was removed by her kind, because they won't live and die for her pleasure.

If she and her kind are going to toss out white feathers, then she's just recruiting for the MGTOWs, because I'd rather say hi to Mrs Palm and her five daughters than a moment with her. No wonder bitches like her are trying to make sexbots illegal before they are invented - she can't bear the competition.

I hope her many cats eat her face while she's still alive.

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