Friday, 10 June 2016

Why is it that Feminists are never strong nor independent?

I don’t agree with all the arguments but I do find it very telling that Feminists always talk about how awful men are - yet they never leave their company. They want the benefits of men with none of the reciprocation that exists elsewhere.

A woman and her slaves
Feminists want to be carried around by men.

They are not strong or independent - they are incredibly weak and vulnerable.

Possibly the weakest generation of women this world has ever seen.

Now, I’ve known strong women. They weren’t Feminists. They did things themselves rather than sitting around blogging about how the need for action was proof of their oppression. They mended fences, dealt with livestock, fought fires.
Isn't it interesting that Feminists will demand equal outcomes,
but only when it benefits them
- half of the best jobs
- none of the worst.

Feminists don't dig mines, they don't work on power lines,
if you see them on street work they'll be the ones holding a sign at best.

Feminists hate hard work.
Feminists just shit on the men who do such things as a way of nagging them into doing all the work for them.

They want to break their spirit - but they know, deep down, they'd die without them.

Feminists: prove me wrong.

Leave, and form the Femtopia you claim will result from a Feminist only society. No-one is stopping you.

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