Friday, 22 July 2016

VRAM - err - DRAM Lamentations

Rats! Was hoping the Titan-X prices would have fallen by now, would really like card with loads of vram DRAM? ...whatever the stuff needed for textures is... for Fallout 4 video production etc .

The new nvidia cards seem to be stuck in the absurdly expensive range - possibly because the aussie dollar is like a day old kitten with pneumonia. Nah, it's more that the chinese see us coming and know we're a bunch of suckers. It's not like we can buy from anyone else - who else makes video cards? I know the Japanese used to... decades ago...


So as the title says once again we Aussies are getting the royal screw job with pricing of new nvidia graphic cards. Nvidia says US$599 for the FE edition, that equates to AU$812.

But most retailers here are selling them for AU$1199. Thats AU$400 more then what the US price is saying it should be. I can understand a few taxes need to be payed but CMON $400 more then the US GTX 1080


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