Monday, 1 August 2016

Feminists can imprison men for off-colour jokes

Paloma Brierley Newton speaking to reporters outside court.
Paloma successful imprisoned a man for hatecrime, after he sent her a joke she didn't like.

When asked why she didn't just block him, she replied "why do you hate all women?"
Yes, that was a joke. She really did have him destroyed, however.

31 Jul 2016 21:52:32 UTC

"Zane Alchin, 25, from Caringbah, was sentenced ... for using a carriage service to menace"

So what did he say that was so terrible?

"feminists don’t get any action, so when you rape them it feels 100 times tighter”

This is obviously a joke, as even rapists don't want to stick their dicks in... her... (*shudder*)

"to menace"?

How was he menacing anyone?

Feminists joke about drowning boy babies
just in case
they grow up to become antifeminists.

It's totally cool when they do it, amiright?
He might have been annoying, true, but he made no credible threats. Heck, I remember hearing jokes about tossing babies into blenders. Don't recall anyone being arrested for hatecrime back then.

Perhaps it was because we understood that making a joke is nothing like actually doing something?

This man didn't threaten anyone, all he did was make a few crude jokes. Now, I agree they are in bad taste - but if you don't want to read his stuff, it's trivial to block someone on facebook.

Feminists justify laughing at the weeping of men as being a joke...

They justify laughing at the genocide of men as a joke..

... and physical assault? That's fucking hilarious to Feminists!

What feminists have decided is not only that they don't want to hear jokes directed at them, but you aren't allowed to make them in the first place. And they are the ones running the country.

Feminists constantly make the claim that they are an oppressed class, savaged by evil man-beasts as a part of the global conspiracy by all men against all women.

This is from a feminist video clip, where she is pretending to rape a man with a dildo as a joke.
It is perfectly legal, because a feminist is doing it.

If a man made the gender reversed joke, it would be a crime.
Fainting Couch Feminists
are always ready to be offended,
always ready to be threatened,
always ready to claim to be powerless.

Yet they can get men destroyed on a whim.

Who, exactly, is powerless?

Who, exactly, is the oppressed?

Parodying Feminism is now hatecrime?
Why is it Feminists cannot take a joke?

Morgan was one of the founders of Modern Feminism,
and has
- with the aid of other man-haters like Dworkin
- shaped the movement in her image.

Feminists write our laws.

Feminists hate half of humanity.

Why do we give them that power?

Who is really in power here?

Who is it who gets to ruin someone's life over a joke?


Apparently I wasn't sufficiently clear when i said I was joking about Paloma imprisoning a man. He is currently at large, albeit with severe restrictions on his freedom, and - potentially -  will remain so.

The planet he was living on, however, was not so lucky.

Feminists do not forgive, and they do not forget. Consider yourself warned.

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