Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Mah Musings
Ok, I don't care for the python, but the rest is good.
It’s nuts how attractive I find these ladies. I really don’t care much about movie stars until years later, it seems, not that there’s any option of getting involved irl in any case!
Still, imagine you could get a reasonable facsimile of a filmstar as a sexbot - with at least something of the personality.

Leaving aside how incredibly expensive such things realistically would be... imagine how profitable it’d be to the star who could patent themselves, and sell that as a product for as long as they lived. I mean, everyone ages and loses attractiveness - but Drew aged seventy could still sell Drew aged 25, year after year!

Heck, given an unlimited budget, I’d have these all of these plus... hmmm ... I think there’s enough stars I’d purchase to fill a small village.

Of course, inevitably, they’d turn evil and destroy humanity - but it’d be worth it.

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