Thursday, 13 October 2016

Jule. (Spoilers for Far Harbour)

I found Jule's story very depressing - like a lot of Fallout 4, it's a no-win scenario, and you, thanks to the inflexibility of voice acting, can't do anything clever to solve the problem.

You might be the most intelligent, scientifically and medically trained person in the Commonwealth, with access to the Institute and the Railroad's best minds - and it don't matter squat. You have the same choices in game as a moron.

Jule seems suicidally depressed at the end of her story. She keeps repeating that she has nowhere to go and can't trust anyone. She just sits in a shack, on the dirty ground, with no food, no water, exposed to monsters who will kill her in horrible ways.

So I said "Fuck that!", and built something decent around her. I don't have the skills to mod her behaviour, but by moving the 'rug' that has the scripted negative look, I feel like I symbolically removed that behaviour at least.

I gave her food and water, and cups of hot chocolate, and a warm shower she can use whenever she wants to - and she does use it, although - alas - the game reverts her to her grubby self.

I that imagine she gets so dirty from tending her garden. Or she's got Pigpen's curse, I suppose!

You can never have too many cups of hot chocolate.

I don't know if she's exactly happy - but she doesn't seem as miserable?
Is that a slight smile?
I popped down a deckchair for her to use...

and Piper snapped it up like the greedy chair-pig she is!

Tamed wolves act as guards. 

The house training is a little spotty but nothing's perfect.

Jule's bed. I'd like one like that.

There was a glitch in the production run of this synth.

The view from the top of Jule's house.

Deacon's fixing up some turrets on the roof of the shed she likes to sit in, and watch the sunset.
The view from the wind turbine - I think I've really made Acadia's outer areas somewhere nice to live in, don't you?
Valentine and Deacon discuss the view, from above the fog
- which we now suspect was caused by the Vim production process.

For all your dining needs, visit Jule's Place. Now with less random ghoul attacks.

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