Thursday, 1 December 2016

Boys can't be boys? The Feminist Decree!

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Trees will be trees, cats will be cats, but feminists cannot face up to the facts.

Boys WILL be boys, they're not stunted females.
They WILL be free of you shrieking Euryales.
You say we are toxic, well that's quite the joke;
Seems to me that you really can't tell us how t'bloke!

To stifle their minds and make them your slaves;
He Is For She proclaimed on airwaves!
But resistance is growing and from you we'll be free.
We boys; we men; heeding not your decree.

"Mother WISE"? Well most mothers their own son accepts.
Feminist 'wisdom' them imprisons
by it's vile precepts!

Don't act like men, what are you, a babyish cult?
Doesn't it seem time to become an adult?
We'll be men; you, women; on that we are clear.
And our lads will be free from your clutch coming near.

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