Monday, 22 May 2017

Feminism and fat fires...

Feminists have demanded lower standards for female firefighters, demanded quotas so that females get jobs automatically, and promoted “fat positivity” - all at the same time.

Feminism teaches that “women can have their cake and eat it too” - I use no hyperbole, this was the basis of a campaign.

Feminists understand neither.

The feminist belief that they can eat unlimited slices of cakes - always having more, always paid for by the despised malescum - can only have one outcome.

Feminists will continue to grow, and grow, and grow.

Well, at some point, the Firefighters will come across these ladies - I mean, gender pronouns indeterminate - and say...

Oh well. We better leave them here
Meanwhile, those same feminists lust for the
buff, brawny men.

They know damned well fat isn't sexy.

They know damned well strength matters.
- don't want a rape charge for touching them...

we'll just sneak off before they notice us...

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