Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Are Feminists protected from criticism on Facebook?

Clementine Ford posted a hashtag of KillAllMen. She has been invited to help run a suicide hotline for men.

You can see the conflict of interest.

So I posted the following on her post on how crippled men were responsible for mass murders:

“If Feminists were genuinely worried men would kill them, they would fight or flight - arm themselves or leave and form their own nation.

Yet instead, they go into male suicide help lines and do their best to convince men to kill themselves, #KillAllMen.

Keep on churning these out, Clem. You are very useful as a recruiting tool.”

I was informed by Facebook that my post broke the 'community standards', and my account was locked for a month but I was never informed as to WHICH standard.

Was there a standard that that post breaks, or is it just that Ford is protected from criticism?

Tell me again how oppressed feminists are, when they can silence their political opponents with impunity?

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