Thursday, 3 May 2018

Lifeline endorses feminist who urges men to KILL THEMSELVES

Recently, Lifeline, a suicide prevention hotline, decided to invite Clementine Ford onboard to speak for them.

I spoke about her recently, but if you want more info, link here, scroll down.

I contacted Lifeline and asked them why they were endorsing someone who encourages men to kill themselves as their spokesperson.

Below is the form letter that they replied with.

The  TL;DR version?

"What we hold in common is a desire to prevent family and domestic violence"

How does killing men prevent that violence? I guess it prevents families? Can't have family violence without a family! But even if Clem got her way, and gassed us all in her ovens, then DV would still go on.

Clem knows all this. She just doesn't care.

Recently, I criticised Clem on Facebook, and my account was closed. You can read what I wrote here. As you can see, I made no threats and used no obscenities. Clementine Ford has a lot of political power, yet will claim endlessly that all men everywhere oppress her, and are her enemies.

Never contact her by social media. She will get your account closed, then claim - no matter how civilly you speak - that you harassed and bullied her, #KillAllMen.
Lesbian Domestic Violence significantly more violent

Duluth and the VAWA: "Power and Control"

70% of unprovoked domestic violence is by women

Yes, this really is her photo.

Hi Brett

Thank you for your feedback and concern on this matter.

To provide some background, the event being held later this month is part of the DV-alert Recognise, Respond, Refer (RRR) Campaign. DV-alert is a training program – delivered by Lifeline Centres across Australia – that equips health, allied health and frontline workers to RECOGNISE signs of domestic and family violence (DFV), RESPOND with appropriate care, and REFER people experiencing or at risk of DFV to appropriate support services.

The discussion about DFV can be contentious and those involved in the public discussion can sometimes express polarising views – yet there is a strong, unified view that DFV is unacceptable and we need to continue to do more to eliminate it and support those impacted by it. Lifeline does not condone violence of any kind and we promote support for anyone impacted by DFV – that is why we are there for all Australians 24/7 through our crisis support services.

We have an expectation that the panellists will share their views in a respectful manner and in line with Lifeline’s values and commitment to providing all Australians with access to compassionate, non-judgemental support. Lifeline does not necessarily share the views of any panellists but we believe in the importance of providing forums such as this event to share those views and perspectives.

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