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And You Never Leave.

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"We live in a world where ‘no’ means ‘convince me’."

No, we don't.

We live in a world where context matters.

Sometimes no does mean "convince me". Ask any salesman. Hell, ask any attractive woman if she has used "no" to mean "try harder".

"Where girls walk home with keys between clenched fists."

And men carry knives and guns. And women in all-female environments get attacked by other women. And men encourage women to practise self defense.

Collectivism makes you blind, makes you see all blacks as being the same, makes you blame every black person for the crimes of a few. Maybe you should stop doing that and see individuals as individuals.

"Where a skirt defines if she’s asking for it or not."

Citation needed. Gotta say, the repetition of a false statement doesn't make it true. I tell you what. Get all your male feminist 'allies' to try feeling up a woman, and to use this defense in court. Just let me buy a few shares in private prisons first - because in this reality, that is garbage.

"Where girls are slut shamed "

Yes, being a slut is bad. Same as being a coward is bad for men. And there's no female equivalent for a deadbeat dad either - a woman who wants to pop them out and abandon them gets support.

"men are seen as kings"

What paranoid garbage! Where? Where the heck are men seen as kings? Women make up popular songs about how worthless they are!

"When out at the club, guys respect ‘I have a boyfriend’ more than my ‘no’."

You are just repeating yourself now. "No" can mean try harder - "I have a boyfriend" means only a scumbag keeps trying. And you do realise women cheat don't you?

"It’s a lie, but vital for female survival."

Rubbish. There's no female genocide going on.

"The bullshit we do to not get raped..."

Uh huh. So if you say "no" in a nightclub, you get raped? What a hellhole you imagine your country to be - yet you never leave it and set up your own.

"While men are excused for the culture they create."

Humans create culture - the idea that women create the good stuff and men the bad is hateful idiocy. And if you genuinely believed it - you'd leave instead of slandering us.

“Not all guys”

This is literally true. You are trying to argue with reality.

"Tell that to Meagher or Dixon, oh wait, they’re dead."


"My heart bleeds for the millions of victims."

Why are you still here then?

"But right now my veins burst fury red."

Seek medical help immediately!

"Because it may be ‘not all guys’"

You flip-flop a lot I notice.

"But it’s every fucking woman."

I have to point this out again - you are still here. If "every fucking man" was being constantly rape-murdered, do you think we'd just bitch about it on social media? Pack Bags - Leave. It is that simple.

And yet you never will. Moan, moan, moan!

"Don’t tell me how to dress or when I can leave."

No, you are subject to the laws of our society - you want a different society, go make one.

"Teach men how to be a decent human being."


It would be teach men "how to be decent human BEINGS" but you are so lost in collectivism, you can't even understand that different male humans are different in the first place - and nobody has ever solved the problem of human evil by telling evil people not to be evil.

Your idiocy has never worked. The best you can do is set up camps and push all the men into them until they stop being male - which is a bit of a problem as you can't be bothered standing up, let alone running prisons.

And. You. Never. Leave.

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