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Why I think sex is binary in humans

In context, I had my Facebook account suspended for saying that humans have two sexes. I received a message that that was now considered hatespeech, and my account was locked.

In Australia, hatespeech is a serious crime. Worldwide, we have seen those accused of it locked out of social media, their videos demonetised or even removed - thus destroying people's livelihoods. And we have seen the biggest social media platforms marching in lockstep, purging those deemed hatespeakers even when they can find no law or even rule that they broke.

I must dissent.

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for those unclear on my thoughts about bio sex, i have long described sex as a spectrum, not binary. the spectrum has a bimodal distribution (which is a spectrum with 2 peaks). the peaks in the spectrum arise from two competing networks of gene activity (aka "male" and "female").
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What mystifies me is the degree to which some people exhibit such a violent rejection of non-binary gender, as if the mere concept were some sort of existential threat to them. Why so much fear and anger over this?

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My response?

To me, this is much like the arguments I used to have with creationists. They depended on the fact that the models we use do not cover everything perfectly. They depended on the popular misconception that they needed to!

The fact is, all scientific models are imperfect. Science is an attempt to use models of reality, while acknowledging that reality itself may be unknowable. You simply try to create one that fits the facts as best as possible, and that has some predictive value. You keep that model until you can find a better one. It can be emotionally difficult to discard the old model, but it is necessary to do so for science to progress.

If you say the current model of male and female is incorrect, but have nothing more accurate to replace it with, then you are expressing a matter of faith, not science.

You are worshiping the God of the Gaps.

"Men think epilepsy divine, merely because they do not understand it. We will one day understand what causes it, and then cease to call it divine. And so it is with everything in the universe."
- Hippocrates (c. 460-377 BCE

Quote Sources: Cosmos

So why so much fear and anger, when charlatans and fanatics try to spread this dogma?

Because force is used against those who don't agree with their faith. Because instead of logic & science, we have Feelz.

You feel the model is wrong? Very well. Find one with better predictive power. Because I think that a male pig & a female pig are necessary for a piglet.

Every. Damned. Time.

Sex, like species, is not a "social construct" as they would have us believe; as they demand we agree to or be silenced.

To claim that the boundaries over some areas are fuzzy therefore the entire model must be discarded is insanity. We know that a male cannot mate another male and produce offspring. As Monty Python pointed out,

Wanting something to be true will not make it true - in fact, a good scientist needs to be very much aware of the coldness of reality, that it is often exactly what we do not want it to be.

If you stay on those tracks, all your wishing will not make that train brake any faster. By being aware of the reality, you are empowered. You have the choice to get off by simply moving to one side. It might be inconvenient. You might be comfortable sitting there. People have even decided to take a lovely nap right on that spot. But if you do not move in time, that train will end your life.

I've known train workers who had to deal with the consequences of drunks attempting a crossing - impaired by booze, they fail to grasp the reality of the situation in time.

I will spare you the details, and I strongly suggest you avoid the photos.

Why do I reference species? Because recently I have seen a push from Social Justice types to deny the existence of white people - to erase us from history, to claim that race is a social construct (and white people are evil!).

I have even seen them claim animal species do not exist, using boundary conditions of the model. For example, it is possible to successfully mate some species with somewhat viable offspring if they are very closely related. However, that is neither a way to disprove race nor species.

Unfortunately, Tumblr is a total mess when you try to export or archive it, so I cannot do justice to the argument on their side. However, if you watch the British BBC or the Australian ABC, it is impossible to avoid, as they are both effectively propaganda outlets for SocJus.

I am not sure how they can doublethink around the idea that white people don't exist AND they must be purged, but they sing songs about it on the taxpayer-funded ABC. I was involved in the complaints that eventually brought it down, but here is an excerpt from it.

Races exist.

We can predict what race someone is from bones, from genetic markers, from hair. The idea that the prediction must be perfect is bullshit; we use weather forecasts that are not, and cannot be perfect, and life and death decisions will be made with less than 100% certainty in all situations, because that is how reality works.

These morons want to make everything into a social construct, because they think confusing the matter will mean people will become pliable, easy to manipulate, willing to accept the emotive proposals they make rather than logic.

Yet science does not work that way. And all they can do is manage to get people killed if they succeed.

“ About 85% of Jewish Americans have an Ashkenazi Jewish background. Their families came from Eastern or Central Europe. As many as 1 in 4 people in this group is a carrier of an AJ genetic disease. “

Whoops! Turns out reality doesn’t give a shit about post-modernist dogma. Knowing you are more probably going to have a genetic disease is better than not knowing, which is the only alternative they can offer.

Yet more heresy!

Ermahgerd! Where does it end!

Maybe they will ban medicine as being Islamophobic or some bullshit. But meanwhile, back in sanity land, IT IS BETTER TO DEAL WITH THE FACTS THAN YOUR FEELS.

Forensics 101: Race Determination Based on the Skull

Because that is how you stop murderers. Not through mental tricks, word games, doublethink, but through the cold hard facts. Races exist, and knowing how to determine which one a corpse belongs to helps stop other people being turned into maggot-food. It is literally a matter of life and death.

It is the sort of brutal reality that is necessary to be able to prove a genocide took place in Rwanda. Something that cannot even exist in their minds.

They are just another breed of Holocaust-deniers.

Fuck Social Justice. It is anti-science, the anti-intellectualism of post-modernism blended with the worst of marxism to make a hellish brain-dead brew.
As for saying species don’t exist because there are some fuzzy boundaries in some cases - again, that is bullshit. Knowing whether some organisms are in the same species gives you information as to the genetic viability of cross-breeding.

Take an extreme example, where species are closely related:

Tigers and lions are similar but different species, and whether the offspring can reproduce at all is greatly dependent on the combination of male and female (which SocJus thinks is a social construct!)

“ Likewise, lions and tigers have historically overlapped in a portion of their range and can theoretically produce wild hybrids: ligers, which are a cross between a male lion and female tiger, and tigons, which are a cross between a male tiger and a female lion; however, tigers and lions have thus far only hybridized in captivity.[12]

In both ligers and tigons, the females are fertile and the males are sterile.[12]

So sane people - who know sex and species are biological facts, not something that can alter depending on how people feel, can use that to predict what the outcome of a crossbreeding will be.

Science: Unless a male and a female mate, you will not get offspring.

SJW: How very dare you! We cannot predict whether or not someone is male of female from their body as sex is a social construct! It is impossible to know how pregnancies occur, or whether two people with penises will make a baby!

Science: It is incredibly unlikely for different species to produce offspring, and the only known examples of limited viability occur in closely related species.

SJW: “Species” is a social construct! Unless it perfectly predicts that no different species can interbreed, it must be ignored!

Which is bloody obvious, because otherwise donkeys would be crossbreeding with antelopes, and centaurs would be commonplace!

No, SocJus, no matter how you ahem that horse, this will not be the outcome.

Sex, and species, are hard facts. All the wanting wishy-washiness in the world won’t change them to meet your needs.

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