Monday, 18 November 2019

See Charlie's Angels - or the bunny gets it!!

Feminist Director: I’m gonna make a new Charlie’s Angels!

Men: Sounds great! (* eyes glaze over *) Mmmm, Charlie's Angelssssss ... (*drools*)




Men: (*sighs*)
They always had these really sexy scenes...

Feminist Director: What? No! Eww! No! There’s no sex in Feminism! Check your Privilege! (*queefs*)

Men: Fuck that noise, then. (*grabs another beer*)

Feminist Director: You must buy tickets to my movie - or you hate women!

Men logging into cinema websites:


Feminists: Wahh! Stop seeing The Joker, you incel man-babies! Russian Bots! Narrrtt-zeees!



What gets me is not only are they relatively plain, but they don't even look convincing as fighters.

Compare that to

Women didn't want to see this - in fact, more women saw the Rambo film.

While Stewart's open mouthed emptiness might be perfect for a zombie movie, it's rather lacking for a glamorous sexy action flick, and the little girl to the right looks like she may be ready to argue about her bedtime.

Kudos to the one on the left; she accidentally does look decent for the role imo.

As Tom here points out, Stewart looks ready for a nap.

She's in her jammies and mad because her dad told her to turn off her phone and go to sleep.

The woman to her right looks hot, the one to the left ain't bad (reminds me of Buffy era Eliza Dushku), and Banks actually looks like she should be one of the angels.

As for men not seeing female led action movies...

Charlie's Angels failed because of men! Director says they hate women!


- SJWs Always Prioritize NON-Customers Over PAYING Customers

The video here is why I think Banks doesn't understand action movies. She complains that men have had a lot of them. Yes, they have. And the actors generally have to train a lot to appear in them.

Jean is an old man now, and yet he's still convincing as an action hero. He still has some pretty cool moves, even when he is just mucking about sparring with kids. And there are plenty of women who do that training too, and who also would make good action heroes.

So why doesn't someone like Banks hire them?

Because they don't hire on merit, they hire on woke points. They hire on sexuality, skin colour, religion...

They don't care about quality.

Wokeness IS quality, in their minds.

Jean Claude Van Damme Shows up to Children's Karate Class

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