Thursday, 11 June 2020

George Floyd and The Strawman.

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Honest SJWs are incredibly rare. The only ones I am aware of became ex-SJWs, because as soon as they examine new ideas, they see the flaws in Social Justice - and leave the cult.

So why do I say this article is a Strawman?

Look at what their opponent is actually saying.

Then look and see how an ideologue, confronted with an argument they cannot answer, will instead pretend that the other said something easy to knockdown.

"I like dogs"

"So what you are saying is you hate babies! And women! And black people! Nazzzziiiiii!"

What does the opponent say?

“this type of criminal lifestyle never results in good things happening to you or those around you”.

Most people would agree with that. Being a junkie is bad. Being a junkie with a heart condition on a ton of drugs and suffering the coronavirus whilst driving a vehicle high as a kite is very, very bad. I wouldn't want to be on the road when they stop breathing, or decide I am a giant mushroom.

And George said, while he was still standing, before any kneeling - "I can't breathe".


Probably because it had caught up with him, and he was dying there and then, like he would have on the road whilst driving if he hadn't been stopped.

That doesn't make kneeling on his throat a good thing. It was in the police manual however. He was trained to do it. And no-once cares when it happens to a white man. There are no riots, let alone protests, when white men die during arrests.

So how does an SJW interpret their words?

"a man murdered by police for buying a packet of cigarettes"

None of that is true, not a word, but it doesn't matter to an SJW.

It FEELS true.

It is truthiness.

Yes, back in the days that Colbert was a reasonable Leftist, he coined the term. Talk about the ...

Hey, let's jump into a time machine and taunt Colbert by showing him that he will become everything he hated!

So the SJWs take the argument that "crime can be destructive to criminals", and twist that into saying that "murder is justified". Then, having ignored his argument, they persecute him for things he never said, removing him from employment and attempting to hound him to death.

He should not have dissented. Dissent is heresy. George Floyd is a saint, all the police are white supremacists (yes, even the black Somali cop who was involved), he didn't do nuffin', and if you disagree with any of their beliefs - THEY WILL DESTROY YOU.

And as we have seen, that isn't confined to just unpersoning now. This is moving to a full blown communist revolution.

You can expect the guillotine, the necklacing, the mass graves, if they succeed in this attempt. We've seen this all before, over and over.

And it never ends well. For ANYONE.

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