Thursday, 5 May 2022

Transactivism and the Non-Binary Bullshit

 If you believe reality is a social construct, which simply warps to the will, then it makes sense to say self identification causes the reality.

say I am a dinosaur, and if you disagree, then you are a nazi, and must be violently attacked.

And violence does seem to becoming normalised. A few years back, we saw terfs being openly assaulted on the streets of britain by transactivists. Dissent is heresy.

The existence of detransitioners is also heresy. Self-identification turns out to go wrong, who knew? And the problem is then you have permanently damaged your body (and potentially your mind). Which is why the reaction to the groomers in schools is so fierce in America. Puberty blockers can never be undone properly. And there has even been a push for bloody surgery on kids.

I marched in feminist rallies that held that gender roles were wrong - that there was no such thing as a girls toy or a boys toy.

But now transactivists will see their daughter playing with a tank, or their son playing with a doll, and immediately squeal with joy because they now have a trans baby, and have finally hit the giddy heights known to every munchausen by proxy parent.

A generation has been brought up to see masculinity as toxic and femininity as weak. Of course, people don’t want to be their own sex - in the West, you are told it is bad, and that you become a special person by leaving it.

So you end up with people like Ezra Miller, who learn how to game the system. How do you become special without any effort? Declare yourself enby! Non-binary means you can play with a tank or a doll, wheee! Couldn’t do that before, no sir!

It’s bullshit. 

Fallout & skyrim etc modders have spent decades now dressing up dolls and playing with tanks. Most people are not so stupid as to see that as male or female.

Of course, the majority are straight males and the dolls are ... 

but they are still dolls. They are just virtual ones.

And there’s no gender dysphoria issue. Modders are not falling over themselves to get the chop. Almost all modders are straight, and most are male. That’s the sort of person that gets obsessed with building stuff. 

And blowing it up, of course.

But the thing is, modding is creation. How do you feel special? You put in the work. You compete. You accept failure.

And when I look at Tumblr and the enby generation, I see a lot of people who have no idea how to succeed at anything, but they think they can make their gender special with one neat trick, and that makes them just as good as all those people who sweated, and bled, and failed, climbing mountains and diving into the deep.

We see a generation that feels entitled.

Why should I have to climb from the bottom? I deserve the same accolades as the pathetic man-beasts who went the hard way!

No risks, all reward!

They used to say that a war would sort this all out - that if the fat entitled idiots had to pick up arms and fight, they would grow up and realise that reality doesn’t give a damn about their social constructs and what they identify as.

Well, looking at the Russian War currently tearing up the Ukraine, that seems likely.

The next war is probably going to involve mass conscription. WW1 all over again, but worse. And what will happen to all the precious snowflakes, who have spent their lives cultivating weakness, choosing victimhood?

I think you will find anyone with a uterus will suddenly decide they are a woman and always were. The rest of us, well.... 

Reality doesn’t give a damn about your delusions, and when times get hard, the fools will die. 

Killing a lot of the rest of us in the process, because we won’t have sane strong men to watch our backs, but crazy imbeciles who worship weakness.

Monday, 17 August 2020

If BLM catches you alone ...

With the streets in downtown Portland occupied by BLM & antifa rioters, a man crashed his car.

The mob pulled him out & beat him senseless in front of the passenger. He’s bleeding & unconscious. No police.

Portland Rioters Attempt to Murder Man Who Intervened In Their Robbery and Assault of a White Trans Person

17 Aug 2020 09:28:03 UTC

If BLM catches you alone, they may bash or even murder you. Do not act alone.

If you are in a Democrat controlled area, and cannot leave, try to work with others for mutual self-defense, and move OUT as soon as you can.

The police under the Democrats may do nothing about BLM, but they WILL target you if you defend yourself. If you are in a free area, train with others. BLM will move out from Democrat strongholds as soon as possible. They cannot defeat groups of trained, disciplined militias. They need to capture and kill solitary victims.

Don’t let them succeed.

The Minutemen are a good model to use. If one patriot is notified of a BLM attack, they notify others who can quickly assemble against them. BLM is trying to grab weapons and whatever they can use to fight their revolution, and a solitary hero will become a dead hero in short order.

The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated.

Fight Back. Work Together. Form Alliances.

Whatever our differences, if we remain divided, BLM will pick us off one by one.

Together, we can stop the communists in their tracks!

WATCH: Minneapolis Armed Citizens Protect Businesses From Looters

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

ABC Australia and The Devil

My grandmother’s funeral was today. Again, my relatives came together as they had for my aunt. We are mostly old, fragile and ill. There will be another soon, I think.

Mine is the childless generation.

I mean not that there are no children, I mean that decade after decade of leftist propaganda convinced people to have fewer kids, convinced women to have them later in life, propaganda that was produced by neo-Malthusians who thought there were too many humans, propaganda now produced by those who thought there were too many white people.

Propaganda that worked.

Families went from many children, to three, to two, to one, to none.

And it was done deliberately, self-righteously, with deceit, with lies.

I talked to a relative of mine today. Many of them are quite intelligent, but they have lifetimes of watching ABC Australia.

They know not to watch anything else. ABC Australia tells them everything else is racist, is homophobic, is Nazi.

They do not read books by those outside the leftist bubble. The women I am related to were actually important in the political sphere here, in their own way.

My deceased aunt helped set up the anti-discrimination laws and sexual harassment rules. I recall, in the 90s, arguing with her that they would be abused to punish men for wanting to be with women. She claimed that they would not, that sexual advances would still be allowed as women wanted, that freedom was still there, that one word provided protection.


The definition of sexual harassment was Repeated Unwanted Advances.

You were allowed to make a play. She was allowed to say yes or no.

I told her that Repeated would be removed. She said no, that the manhaters in Feminism were some fringe movement.

I was bitter and cynical about it. I saw it as corrupt.

And the years proved me true. Repeated. That was removed, of course. Any sexual advance is verbotten. Male sexuality is completely vilified, and by consequence, the sexuality of women is frustrated. Women want men to be men, not broken cowering slaves. Feminists want those, and other people with mental illness.

And the women I know who call themselves Feminists wouldn’t be classed as Feminists by the Feminists now. They were egalitarians. But they don’t know the term, because they watch the ABC, and it tells them what to think.

The relative of mine who watches the ABC is a lovely loving person. I was talking about writing a novel. One of the exercises they use for writers is to try to write from the perspective of your worst enemy.

Who is your worst enemy, I asked of her.

Trump, she replied, unironically.

I tried to suppress my amusement. Trump is the bogeyman to Leftists. Trump is blamed for everything, without any self-reflection. They think he caused Covid-19, because the ABC tells them he did. Every abomination done by Clinton, Obama, any previous President - all is placed on his account.

Trump is the Leftist Devil.

When I think of the worst people in the world, my mind shudders. I have known rapists, I have known child molesters, I have known those who kill a neighbours pet out of sadism.

I despise Hillary Clinton, but she is not the Devil. She is not the worst person on the Earth. She might be a murderer and a mob boss, but she is still not the worst.

The people I have known were far worse, and people I have never met, whose psychological profiles I have read in studies, were worse than that. Evil is a spectrum, and there seems to be always someone who is even worse.

I could not write a story from the perspective of my enemy, because I know real people, and real evil is nothing like that of our heroic fictions. It is cruel for the fun of it, in a tedious way. It will do whatever it can get away with, but most people have no power, so most people’s cruelty is petty.

It’s with power, and that can be physical power, the power of muscles and bone, or the power of office, the power to write legislation. The power to remove Repeated.

I think the reason I am attracted to heroic fiction is because the evil of it is cartoonish and safe. The evil of orcs in Dungeons and Dragons - wanting to rape, murder and torture for the sake of it - it is safe because it is not truly human evil.

Yes, evil humans want to do such things, but real evil will make up the excuses. Most really evil people will tell themselves comforting lies. They are punching Nazis. They are killing Islamophobes. They are not human, these white people.

What is it the most recent piece of feminist propaganda says?

White people do not exist.

Every genocide is built on generations of propaganda. It aims to dehumanise them. The enemy people are inferior. Their whiteness is toxic. It must be purged.

It takes decades to build the foundations for the gas chambers, but once they exist, the rest is easy. All it takes is to allow evil loose.

To listen to the voices telling us to "punch that Nazi", to listen to the voices telling us to kneel before the violent mob.

And evil is everywhere, in us, not just in some distant other.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Who, then, is the oppressor - and who is the oppressed?

A response to a conversation on Tumblr.

epically-epic-epicosity said:
"As an American, You have a
right Not to wear a mask
But...just like you, Businesses
have a right to NOT let you in.
Not serve you.

You can't have it both ways..
You are free to make a choice,
but that means accepting the
consequences of your actions...

Screaming at employees and
businesses for protecting their
workers and customers does not
make you a makes
you an Asshole.

Don't mistake
inconvenience for Oppression"

Goes for any other country too!

So if they have a right to refuse service, does that apply when they refuse service to a leftist?

Can a business refuse to serve women, gay people, black people …?

Why is it other countries managed to do business without masks?

It wasn’t compulsory in Australia. The Chinese had bought up all the masks early, back when the PRC refused to acknowledge the problem even existed.

Shields were put up - they seem to do the job. It turns out viruses can travel through holes in the dust masks but have trouble with solid plastic. Who knew?

During the worst times, people were encourage to use contactless home delivery. A lot of services sprung up top home deliver fast foods. The supermarkets struggled but I think they have the knack of it now.

If anyone had to wear masks, it was the staff, not the customers.


All businesses have a right to refuse service. If businesses explicitly refuse service to women, LGBTQ people, or people of color, they usually get in trouble.

There are examples of bakeries getting in trouble for refusing to make wedding cakes for same gender couples based on their religious beliefs. This kind of stuff makes the news and can result in lawsuits.

You cannot sue a business for not letting you in because you’re not wearing a mask. 🤷‍♂️

  brett-caton :

“ All businesses have a right to refuse service. “

Ok, a right would apply across the board.

“ If businesses explicitly refuse service to women, LGBTQ people, or people of color, they usually get in trouble. “

So they have no rights, except against the acceptable targets. You can discriminate against someone of the Right, but not the Left?

Interesting. Tell me again how oppressed these groups are?

If you have special legal protections, you are privileged.

The people claiming to be oppressed ARE THE PRIVILEGED.

"See these screenshots? This is Cancel Culture.

Cancel culture doesn't just attack free speech. Cancel culture attacks the very foundation of civilization and democracy itself and we need to understand it if we want to fight back effectively."


Different legal codes apply to them. They can freely discriminate as they wish, and the law will applaud them as they do so, and the media, and Hollywood.

“It’s good if we do it!” is the motto of every hypocrite.

“ You cannot sue a business for not letting you in because you’re not wearing a mask. “

But you can have someone arrested for removing a BLM slogan painted onto a road.

Who is in power here? People think it’s Trump, but he’s not a dictator. There’s a huge chunk of government where he has little say.And there are plenty of governments world-wide where this is happening now.


I remind you that the group that claims it is oppressed ... is the one able to arrest their ‘oppressor’.

The group that claims it is oppressed ignores all the social distancing rules, has mass rallies, destroys centuries old monuments as police yawn and do nothing...

Laws don’t apply to them. They are in power.



I wonder what would happen if a business refused service to them?

“You says black lives matter. I worked here part-time. Plus I’m a part-owner of this store. You said black lives matter. Why don’t you choke me? I’m black. Look what you did to my store. Look at the things you’ve done, look. We’ve been here all night cleaning up,” the unidentified woman said in the video.

Always ask yourself, when someone tells you that they are oppressed. What powers do they have that their ‘oppressor’ does not?

I was accosted by @bathbodyworks manager simply for wearing a Trump face mask.  She yelled at me  "F---- Donald Trump" while I was simply walking by the store. I went to ask if I misheard her and she said no. Poor customer service at @bathbodyworks

So who can be refused service? The person who votes 'incorrectly'. The person who isn't on the Left.

Who can't be refused? The Leftist. They can burn you down with the law - or just gasoline.

Who is in power here? Who is oppressed?

Who can freely paint their political symbols on a road - then arrest YOU for driving on the road?

Who can refuse service to you, then burn your business to the ground if you reciprocate?

Who is the oppressor?

Australia had Covid under control.

Protesters turned up in the heart of Melbourne in their thousands.

The plague erupted once more.

Who is in power?

Thousands rally in Melbourne's CBD for the Black Lives Matter protest

Victoria announces Melbourne to return to lockdown

Who is the danger?

Who is spreading the disease?

Friday, 26 June 2020

Dust Masks and Nail Salons

So why do Nail Salons use masks, and why do I get cranky when that is used as proof they are safe and effective for Covid-19?

Chemicals Used in Nail Salons
Nail polishes, glues, and other products used in nail salons may contain the following chemicals, among others:
  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dibutyl Phthalate
  • Methacrylate compounds

I grant you they have some use for skin flakes etc, but I never see barbers etc having to wear dust masks.

Are they useful against these chemicals?

I'm going to use acetone as the example as I could actually find the size relatively easily, and the rest are a bitch. A table would be nice. I'm sure I've seen them around.

I miss Sydney Uni library. :P

That mask doesn't look sealed around the nose.

Still, this might just be a stock photo.

Molecular radius, nm

Water 0.193

Particle Size:

Atmospheric Dust  <=40 microns

A micron is a thousand nanometres, thus Dust can be up to 40, 000 nm or

(40, 000/0.308) = ‭129,900 times as big.

Me maths is rusty, so feel free to correct me, but I just think that a dust mask ain't gonna cut it.

So what about a fume hood setup?

A chemical fume hood. It's not perfect, but it is enormously better than a dust mask.
Also, note the eye protection. Acetone and covid19 alike love hitting the squishy eyeballs.

Ok, so it would need to be modified for a nail salon, but why is it we don't see something that hands and feet can enter with a decent suction protecting those outside?

I remember seeing a baby in a stroller parked outside a nail salon at Hornsby. I was worried it had been abandoned or forgotten, so walked towads it. A worker from inside rushed out to pull her baby in.

I realised that they had taken their baby to work, but had decided the air was too dangerous. Of course it is too dangerous. It's too dangerous for the workers but they put up with it because it is a job you can do without English, and I suspect a lot of them are black market too.

OK, so what do the different masks do?

Respirator Rating Number Class

  • 95 - Removes 95% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter
  • 99 - Removes 99% of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter
  • 100 - Removes 99.97% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. HE or HEPA quality filter.

N95 is better than a typical surgical mask and is the best possible for all but a few people, and is quite expensive in any case. It is typically NOT REUSABLE.

And it is useless for acetone. It does diddly. Even if you squidge about and have actone in globules, bonded to water, an awful lot of it will got right through a 300 nm hole.

Again, feel free to prove me wrong, I don't mind and would appreciate some paper that disputes my understanding. But as far as I can see, the masks in nail salons are theatre - designed to reassure people without helping anyone, and possibly causing health hazards by themselves.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Australian DV services - 1800RESPECT doesn't respect men

1800RESPECT has no category for us men. If you are a straight male - you are simply not a victim, by their standards.

You can get help if you are gay, if you are 'multicultural', but the average man, who pays for this through his taxes?

There's no respect for you.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Joey Wieser will slander and libel and doxx anyone deemed an enemy of the Revolution

Looters should be shot.

That's what Ryan said.

The leftist Joey Wieser knows he said that. He explicitly redefines looter as protestor, because he wants to push buttons. And in the comments section, over and over, the mob repeats the lie.

Looters should be shot.

Leftists twist that around, and claim that it is racist somehow to say that looters should be shot.

#rooftop Koreans from Tendie-Defender
Looters ruin lives.Rooftop Koreans know. Looters deserve to die.
In their minds, that means black people. Despite the dominance of white looters, despite the fact that black people died because of that looting.

David Dorn
Ex-cop, 77, shot dead outside pawn shop by looters

Lucy Hosley posted an emotional video in the aftermath of her Bronx deli being ransacked.
“They tell me ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They’re lying . . . I’m black, look what you did to my store.” (src)

Looters should be shot.

The leftist sneers at truth. They know they are lying about him. They don’t care. They whip up a lynch mob.

If you steal, you make the choice to take someone else's life.

Don't complain when they put their lives above yours.

Looters should be shot.

The mob harasses and hounds. Destroys his business, demolishes his means of communication. He loses his job, has to go into hiding.

Looters should be shot.

The leftist boasts. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t say protestors. It doesn’t matter that he said nothing about race.

Leftists know they are the ones in power.

Leftists know they are the ones who oppress.

Looters should be shot.