Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dirty Tricks Campaign?

On the BBC, there was a promotion of how to use dirty tricks to silence your ideological opponents, through the use of scripts that falsely report accounts as spammers or hate-crimers. I'd noticed several wikipedia pages had similarly been altered, presumably because they didn't match the 'truth' female supremacists wanted reported.

So I thought I'd try an experiment. Will the article screenshotted below here continue to exist or will it be erased? Of course, the next step is to close this account as well, but fortunately or otherwise, I'm low profile so it's unlikely I'll become a target. Still, i will consider it a badge of honour to be considered one of their enemies.

"Height matters. Tall people get larger salaries, higher status and more respect. Furthermore, the advantage seems to be life-long."
So if that is true, and men are generally taller, then men as a group can appear to be doing pretty well, without sexism coming into the equation. Of course, taller also generally means stronger, and you need to be pretty healthy to be able to grow bigger, which is why females generally favour bigger males in other mammalian species. They have demonstrated resistance to parasites, they don't have any of the many mutations causing dwarfism: ergo, they are a good source of genetic material!

Of course, I'm a shade under 6 foot, so I'm somewhat biased but if there's on thing I see repeated ad infinitum on dating sites it's:

  • Men are shallow because they care about appearance
  • I want a tall man. I can't go out with someone shorter than me, it's just not right!

I don't think women acknowledge the situation half as much as they should. Sexuality does not obey ideology. It is inconvenient to be attracted on an irrational basis, and so rationalisation is used to retrospectively provide good reasons for primitive behaviours.

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